Minorities Can Stop Racism

I can tell you how

By Wanda
Published on LatinoLA: December 4, 2007

Minorities Can Stop Racism

Minorities can stop racism.

And...I will tell you how!

Question: Why is it that price of everything goes up but the salaries we are offered doesn't? Why are we (meaning Minorities...People of Color) always placed in situations where we must struggle and live check to check or ask for the meager "assistance" of the government to feed our families? And why is it that once you do have a little money the "Majority" wants you to give it right back with ridiculous taxes, fines and man made holidays?! Is it me or is it obvious we are purposely placed in situations where it is near impossible to succeed.

The Media and the War against the Minority Communities:

I ask you how can we possibly fight against the injustice we face on a daily basis when we are publicly humiliated, ridiculed and crucified everyday in the media? It seems the pursuit of truth no longer exists in journalism rather it has now become a forum to persecute minorities with the ability to pass it off as reporting the "news". There is never a story just basic opinion to turn a community against one race of people. This, the media has now become an open forum for racism! I think it is so sad that instead of judging people just based on there deeds and character we classify them as ignorant, monsters because of the color of their skin. Right now the media is the trial judge and jury convicting people of color all over based on their ethnicity.

Divide and Conquer:

I. Illegal Immigrants vs. Mexican American Citizens

Why is it that the "Majority" sees no problem with allowing "immigrants" (I hate to use that term because California, Arizona and Texas were Mexico before the "Majority" stole that land! Let's just call them visitors. Why is it that the "Majority" has no problem with Mexicans being here and using them for cheap labor; to do everything no one else wants to do but when the work is finished they just want them to go back to their poor, impoverished country with nothing to show for all the work they have done? Now they are using the media to turn Mexican Americans against visiting Mexicans who are not citizens, they are placing the blame for all troubles in the Mexican American community on the visiting Mexicans, attempting to turn one against the other. They blame those visiting for the lack of healthcare, welfare and assistance stating that if we didn't have such a vast amount of "visitors" we would be able to help the Mexican American community. The goal is to turn the Mexican citizens against those that are not citizens.

Divide and Conquer

II. African Americans vs. African Americans

Now I'm sure we have all either been a part of or a witness to this ongoing goal to continually brew a feeling of hatred between African Americans. The media portrays us in the worst light possible; highlighting our shortcomings and faults as though we are the only race to have them, playing on our weaknesses and vulnerabilities causing a vast amount of us to be ashamed and embarrassed with who we are as a people resulting in the hatred we now see dividing this race. Divide and Conquer.

We know this is a problem. Stop feeding into it. When we hate each other, they win. When we kill each other, they rejoice. Unity is the only solution that will defeat this evil.

Money is Power:

They say Money is the root of all evil and if you look around you, you will see this to be true. Those that hold the power of money will continue to have the power to oppress us- all people of color. We have got to stop feeding into the commercialism that keeps the "Majority" rich and us poor. Boycott! I cannot say it enough. Money talks and if we stop giving them ours and look for new ways to keep it within our communities it will lessen the power and control they have over us. Do not allow them to continue to ruin our people. Your money is your power and you have to power to say No More! Support minority business. Embrace the minority entrepreneur. This is the only way to fight back.

United We Stand Divided We Fall:

I cannot state this enough because it is the most important statement I can give you all! We will continue to fail until we can learn to support and love each other. If you cannot love and trust those that look like you share your same pain and fight your same battles than who can you love and trust? Those that only wish to see you fail?

?À Support Minority Business

?À Boycott Man Made holidays that only place us in more debt while continually adding to the wealth of the "Majority"

?À Love yourself, your community and your race

?À Be realistic, Ignoring this as a problem will not make it go away

?À Understand you too have power; exercise your right to speak, vote and spend your money in a way the benefits you and yours!

Peace and Love for All,


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