News from the Brown Side of Town - 12.20.07

Happenings in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: December 20, 2007

News from the Brown Side of Town - 12.20.07

Happy, happy Holidays indeed, Mi Gente!!

It's a little cold & soggy this time of the year in the Land of 1000 Dances, but that shouldn't slow us down too much, verdad?

It's been a tuff year for a lot of us, but I'd still rather live here than the Middle East, where our brave young men & women in uniform are still away from home with all our love & prayers. A very special prayer and thanks goes out to all of them at this time of the year!

Orale! I may be a little broker than last year, but I'm lucky to have an awesome woman, great family, great friends, and the music and art de Aztlan. This year, besides hitting all the discount sales and specials, I think I'm gonna concentrate on staying healthy, welcoming company, visiting and being company, staying close to home, spending time with familia, and eating lots of good food!

....and then, there's always the music, dancing, and art in the City of Angels...watcha:

The cast and crew of the East L.A. Revue Internet Radio Jukebox continues to grow and flourish, with guest DJ's such as L.A.'s Rocky Padilla, New York's Joe Bataan, Seattle's Patty Fong, and Annette Alvarez of Dallas, Texas, coming on board soon with fresh music and clean views of life among the Brown and beautiful.

Besides the usual suspects Frankie Firme, Chico Manqueros, Crazy Chuy Hernandez, Dona Pancha the cleaning lady, DJ Velez, DJ Alex, and DJ Chino (DJ Chino works with our security guard "Bubbles" as he broadcasts from the guard shack of the East L.A. Revue Bldg parking lot part time), this group of dedicated music lovers has helped broadcast Chicano music all over the World for almost a year with astounding success. Our sister station ChicanoExpress.com also has Crazy Chuy & Frankie Firme bringing it back and keeping it alive from the heart of Texas.

The World is a better place because of us! A big thanks goes out to station owners and producers Steven and Janie Chavez for having the faith in trying something new, and for a great year of music.

On the live side, although a small crowd turned out for the 1st Annual Midnight Productions Christmas party, it was a lively good looking crowd that enjoyed the music of MC Magic , Lighter Shade of Brown, other L.A. rappers on the upswing, and the new & improved AFTER DARK Band led by Cory Silva, down by the San Gabriel River at the A MI HACIENDA Restaurant Grand Ballroom in Pico Rivera last Sunday.

The story on this one was singer SARINA SILVA, who simply stole the show with her new look and dazzling stage performance. When she joined Lighter Shade of Brown for a couple of numbers it was "Lighter Shade of who?"...I was asked so many times on the dance floor "Who is that girl? She's great!!". Look for AFTER DARK featuring SARINA to make some serious floor shaking in 2008. For more info on AFTER DARK; (626) 409-1919.

Recently on a beautiful sunny afternoon just before the rains came, legendary Doo~Wop singer Marvin "Rip" Spencer (of MARVIN & JOHNNY fame), the OLD MEMORIES Car Club of Los Angeles, 99 Cents Only Stores, and Frankie Firme joined forces and made about 200 children in South Central L.A. smile for awhile as they held a Toys for Tots celebration at the Los Angeles International Institute. With music, food, and gifts for the children and families, it was a most beautiful occasion, as Marvin and others passed out gifts and made many new friends. The PEACE IN THE STREET Association has more community music events in the works, and the public's help & support is welcome. For more info: 310-613-3991.

The WISEGUYS, fresh off their successful, sold out L.A. CD release party at Steven's Steakhouse, take it to Orange County and the Anaheim House of Blues on December 30th, for a free concert and CD release celebration. For more info: www.mtbwiseguys.org , or call 323-887-4584. These guys are taking care of business!!

A dedicated and professional group of California educators have formed a Chicano music group called "TIO AL y LOS ESES", bringing a fresh new approach to the age old concept of English language Chicano-Latino approach to educating and entertaining our young people for the betterment of our communities. Frank Chavez, Alex Gonzales, Javier Rodriguez, Frank Casas, David Pasillas, and Andrew Trevino bring you their new CD for the Holidays " CHRISTMAS SONGS: the Barrio way, ese", which will be making it's world wide debut on www.eastLArevue.com and www.chicanoexpress.com throughout the holiday season. The CD takes 10 classic Christmas songs & carols and transforms them into warm fuzzies that will make you smile, sing along, and in the case of the song "On your first Christmas", all of us Abuelos y Abuelas will shed a warm tear of joy for the beautiful new children in our lives. For more info: www.nostalgiaclassics.com, stevenchavez68@hotmail.com, or (559) 974-9190.

Popular Chicano singer-crooner Pepe Marquez has formed a new band and he's once again rockin' the West Coast with his hot brand of coastal Chicano music ranging from Rock & roll, cumbias, Oldies but Goodies, Funk, R & B, and a touch of boleros~ West coast Chicano style. A new CD is in the works, and Pepe is eager to make it back to his beloved L.A. fans, something that will be happing again real soon in 2008. For more info on the new PEPE MARQUEZ Band: www.pepemarquez.com .

L.A.'s powerful SATISFACTION Band, featuring the much heralded return of vocalist NATALI RENEE, comes to the San Fernando Valley for one night only as they join the SFV's PACHUCO CAR CLUB and host/DJ East L.A. Revue Radio's FRANKIE FIRME for an End-of-the-Year Holiday Party & Night to remember, Saturday, December 29th at the VFW Hall in Reseda, Ca. Tickets going fast, special discount price for couples. For more info: 818-599-2719.

Then, if you haven't yet made your plans for New Year's Eve, join Frankie Firme as he hosts the SFV's finest, THE COMPANY BAND,featuring Becky Cordova and Frankie Fontaine, along with DJ Flacomania for one of the best New Eve parties in L.A. at the Fairways Country Club in Pacoima, Ca. Admission includes dinner, party favors, champagne, and some of the best music & dancing until next year! For tickets info: 818-389-9214 .

Things still be happening big time at the Radisson Hotel Lounge in Whittier where Peter Jaramillo & his staff are putting out great dance shows with great entertainment, and the new monthly "Retro Disco Night" is starting to attract people from different parts of Southern California outside of the Land of 1000 Dances. For more info: www.jegrp.com or simply call (626) 488-3344.

In the world of Chicano literature, the 2 best sellers in my part of town this year have been Ruben Molina's "CHICANO SOUL", and Tony Longoria's "PEACHES". For more info, check out www.mictlan.com or e-mail Firmemusica@hotmail.com.

And speaking of Chicano literature, strong rumors are that a new book compiling West Coast Chicano tales and lore from the 'hood, the familia, the past, "y aya" in Southern Califas from 2 of Latino LA's top contributing writers is in the works, to be published sometime next year. A new approach to contemporary Chicano literature in Aztlan, the book will focus on the Mexican-American experience in California from the eyes of a couple of 2nd and 3rd generation, American born, educated Chicano veteranos from the 'hoods of Califas.

...and you'll hear about it first here on LatinoLA, the "Voice of Aztlan" in the Land of 1000 Dances.

Orale! Happy Holidays, stuff yourself happily with love, hugs, tamales, bunuelos, ham, turkey, roast beef, pumpkin pie, egg nog, and the happy laughter of friends and family.

...and don't sweat it being broke...we all are this year!! (Isn't it great not feeling alone?)

Don't drink and drive, respect our women, protect our children, pray for our troops,
and remember... love and education are the greatest gifts we can give to our children.

Pray for peace!!

Frankie Firme
December 2007

About Frankie Firme:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone, and the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul.
website: www.frankiefirme.50megs.com

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