If emotions manifest thought, thoughts manifest words and words manifest action and reality

By Miguel Angel
Published on LatinoLA: December 22, 2007


Miggie the kid, is back on track not back to crack cause we all know that shit makes you feel good, though its really wack. So back the fuck up with you're down with that. I occupy my time on a plan to attack the odds but only get to even, compelled by the strongest entity...who can really beat me? He who laughs last laughs hardest and I am laughing my ass off at doubt like a joker clown. Now don't get me wrong, I've never ever been a cocky dude, I am just a confident dude with a cock feeling so good. I got so many other great things to offer, but you, you don't even bother. So don't bother me, while I work on myself to be the very best that I could ever possibly be. A starving artist so hungry for this and since they aren't giving I'm taking it all home for my future kids to feast. No, not another Robin Hood cause I'll rob him myself in stealth mode, there is no need for harming my health. Against all odds, I am only one, one army, one street platoon, one missile backed by only one special force focused on the world. Little did I know that from a boy to a young man I had it all along on the palms of my hands. The time has come to establish something, make plans and advance onto the next level. Knowing that I gotta be leveled because without chemical balance I inevitably am bound to fall...yeah man shit happens, like I got left behind but I'm still here, success was left up to me. Its mine indeed, if emotions manifest thought, thoughts manifest words and words manifest action and reality.

About Miguel Angel:
Loud, Latin and Proud...Don't you know that I'm loco homes? he!

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