My Favorite Latino Actor

Esai Morales, Salma Hayek, Hector Elizondo y mas!

By Amigos de LatinoLA
Published on LatinoLA: October 3, 2002

My Favorite Latino Actor

Rodolfo Lopez writes:
"My favorite actor is Esai Morales. Esai is a passionate actor, and his work shows his diversity in the characters. He has the ability to play the role of a lowrider and that of a police detective (NYPD Blues). I like his flexibility, most recently in his roles in NYPD and American Family. He is also a man of character and he cares about the community. He is the spokeperson for a nonprofit organization, speaking out on the issue of cigarrete smoking. A private individual that has not allowed the fame and wealth and Hollywood scene change who his is and where he comes from. He is a great role model and I always look forward to his new projects and I am always rooting for him and wish him success in his movie projects."

Chris Gutierrez writes:
"Esai Morales is a terrific Latino actor. In La Bamba, he played the atypical Latin bad boy, but still showed great love for his brother Ritchie Valens. He plays the tough machisimo Latin guy very well, but still has a heart and the charisma that makes you root for him. He is also involved heavily in the Latino communities and seems like a sincerely good role model for all."

Corrine M?ndez writes:
"Esai Morales is one of the busiest actors in the business (who just happens to be Latino). His roles on film as well as television are not always positive ones but, they show how someone might have made some wrong decisions in life but can find their way back, mostly with the love and assistance of family. His role on NYPD Blue does not only give us representation on prime time on the biggest network, but he also carries a high position, not in a gang, but as a detective in the New York Police Department."

Suzanne Gonzalez writes:
"My favorite Latina actress is Salma Hayek. She has always represented intellegence and style in her personal endeavors as well as in her professional roles. I absolutely admired the fact that she decided to work in the US
film industry and start all over again even though she was already a successful and established actress in Mexico. She has consistently represented powerful
characters and has participated in movies that feature Latinas in a positive light. Her recent movie project depicting the life and work of Frida Kahlo is one that
I look forward to viewing in the theater."

Rachel A. Yanez writes:
"Hector Elizondo: He always plays a positive part and, no matter what the role, always comes across as sophisticated, elegant and a gentleman, yet never snobbish or arrogant. Mr. Elizondo has a warmth that emits from him that makes one want him to be a part of the family. In watching him in 'Tortilla Soup' (which I've seen four times) he reminds me of my own father (now passed away) and my sisters. It's a wonderful feeling!"

Carmina Cortes writes:
"Bueno, I really prefer the actors of yester-years, such as Maria Felix, Lola la Grande and Pedro Infante. ?Por que? Because they had grace and class until the day they crossed over into the other side of that big stage en el cielo. For example, La Do?a, she was a diva in all sense of the word. She was articulate and very opinionated. She came across as a powerful women, yet she had grace and class. Her films where internationally known. She was such an actress that she lived her character hasta la muerte. Her passion towards the arts, not just theater, was transmitted through her. She was such a diva that even in death she is still making headliner but thats besides the point. I think that back in the days or, as my abuelita would say ," En mis tiempos," glamour and class made the stars shine bright. Something that Hollywood lacks today."

Gloria Morales writes:
"I would have to say Edward James Olmos is my favorite Latin actor. He has
come a long way and has been in the business quite a long time. I remember
him as a young girl going to see him in a play called 'Zoot Suit.' My
parents took me. It was wonderful and he was even better. He's is a very
dedicated actor and does with such refined style and professionalism. I'm
sure he has his humorous side. I loved him in 'Miami Vice' and he was
completely awesome in 'American Me.' The man/actor oozes class. I am a
very big fan of Mr. Olmos and have much respect for him and his work."

Bernadette Vargas writes:
"I admire the talent and tenaciousness of Mia St. John. She's beautiful, articulate and strong. While being genetically beautiful may be beyond her own control, she does not let people discredit her for that reason. Although I do not box, I like to work the bags and I think of the discipline she has to keep up in a male dominant sport. I'm sure people have told her many times that she is too pretty to box or that the only reason she is well known is because of her looks. But in the ring she defies delicacy, fragility and her confidence pushes and inspires women like me. She's an educated mother, who's struggled in life, but has fought to stay on top in her career and always has encouraging words to support other women's efforts."

Who's your favorite Latino actor and why? Send us your pick at amigos@latinola.com

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