Latino Street Fiction Hits L.A.

Urbano Publishing signs local author David Bueno Hill

By Esteban Melgar
Published on LatinoLA: January 29, 2008

Latino Street Fiction Hits L.A.

A new book is circulating the underground publishing world. "I Wasn't Born a Teacher" is the tale of one Latino's gritty and dark life on the streets.

Synopsis: Kabel Garcia goes from the gangs of L.A. to the streets of New York in his quest for brotherhood, honor, and self-acceptance.

This book is full of hardcore action and poetic paragraphs that will hit you like a spiked sledge hammer and leave you dazed and begging for more.

Drug dealers and killers that Kabel encounters affect his life more than he thinks. He struggles to free himself from the cage of the ghetto and when he finally does he realizes what is truly imprisoning him.

The author, David Bueno Hill, gave me a bookmark outside of a Barnes & Nobles. I went to his website and then bought the book. I couldn't put it down. We need more Latinos writing stories like this for us.

Check out his website: http://iwbat1.googlepages.com and read the first four chapters of this awesome book.

About Esteban Melgar:
I'm just a guy that really liked this book and believes in supporting underground artists.

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