My circle of friends

By Maria Soto-Arzola
Published on LatinoLA: October 7, 2002


Mis Amigas son mis hermanas
Growing up and being part of a click a crew a circle
There are so many ways you can put these words into use
Friends are a big part of life

In this lifetime people walk in and out of lives, but
your Amigas always stick by you

Mis Amigas son mis hermanas
I can count my girls in my hand
We all have different personalities with beautiful hearts
Like the musketeteers "all for one and one for all"

My circle of friends

We have the outspoken one
The quiet one
The princess
The strong one
The baby
The loving one
With all my Amigas having one special character
that defines them each one as an individual
We all together make a perfect circle
Helping one another through good times
and rough times
Through break ups and weddings
New jobs or sometimes getting fired
celebrating birthdays

Being there for one another is the most important
My circle of friends
con respeto y cari?o con todo mi corazon
My circle of friends

Thanks for always being there for one another

Mis hermanas
Mis Amigas
My circle of friends

I respect each and every one of you, admire you and commend you
for the women that you all are
Mis Amigas
My circle of friends

About Maria Soto-Arzola:
I am a writer and work in the entertainment industry. Soy orgullosa de ser Latina! marzola32@hotmail.com

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