Confirm Estrada Now!

A true role model and shining inspiration to Latinos

By Lalo Lopez
Published on LatinoLA: October 4, 2002

Confirm Estrada Now!

There is a debate currently raging about President George W. Bush's nomination of conservative Honduran-American attorney Miguel Estrada to a spot on the U.S. Court of Appeals.

Conservatives are relishing the prospect of getting this Latino candidate appointed to the D.C. Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. This would get him one step closer to being the first Latino appointed to the Supreme Court, conceivably in a second Bush administration.

Democrats and Latino advocacy groups on the other hand, are staunchly opposing his nomination, questioning Estrada's Latino credentials, arguing that he has never identified himself with Latinos, has never joined one Latino organization, and never even mentored one single Latino law clerk, college student or attorney. It is suspected he has never even eaten a spicy bean dish since coming to the Untied States as a child.

We at pocho.com say: Enough! ?Ya Basta! It is time to appoint Estrada to the bench at the D.C. Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. We feel Estrada has done much to contribute to the Latino community of the United States. Not only has he been a role model to countless Latino youth, but he has been a shining inspiration to generations of Latinos pursuing careers in law enforcement.

Listen up, all you high and mighty politicians sitting in judgement in D.C., you can make a difference and spread the influence of this courageous and extremely handsome Latino superstar far and wide, if you'd just confirm him to the Court.

Perhaps the Federal Bench is not even an office high enough for Estrada. Perhaps his talents in public service, crime solving and traffic control would be wasted on the D.C. Federal Courts. Perhaps it is time to confirm Estrada as Director of Homeland Security, or at least Attorney General. Estrada's brilliant white smile would be a most reassuring sight to millions of nervous Americans as we battle the terror threat at home and abroad.

Yes, it is time for you to appoint a true American who has done much for the Latino community and for America in general. Confirm Erik Estrada to the U.S. Court of Appeals and throw that Miguel Estrada out on the street, he's a straight sellout right-wing ass-kissing bitch.

He ain't no "Ponch, " he's a vendido punk.

Q: Which Estrada has done more for the Latino community?

A: Hunky Erik Estrada.

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