The Gentleman of Salsa

Gilberto Santa Rosa represents salsa with a divine sense of integrity & poise

By Simone Emmons
Published on LatinoLA: October 7, 2002

The Gentleman of Salsa

They call him the "Gentleman of Salsa." Mr. Gilberto Santa Rosa needs no introduction; he is a gentleman and represents the World of Salsa with a divine sense of integrity and poise.

Gilberto is currently on a promotional tour for his latest romantic salsa CD "Visaversa" that was released recently under the Sony label and produced by Jose M. Lugo.

"This is the first time that I title an album with one of the song's names," says Santa Rosa, "Even though the song 'Viceversa' has nothing to do with the 'Viceversa' of the album. The song is a story of love and hate, while the album's title refers to its two faces, one tropical and the other romantic."

Gilberto stopped by for a performance in Los Angeles area promoting his newest CD and single "Por Mas Que Intento." The song was written for Gilberto by renowned composer/producer Kike Santander and this was the first time these two music talents have collaborated together. The album features 13 songs - some of which were written by Victor Manuelle and Domingo Quinonez. Contributers with chorus were also Andy Monta?ez, Victor Manuelle, Ismael Mirander and Domingo Quino?ez, just to name a few.

The album features a song authored by Santa Rosa's close friend and colleague Victor Manuelle, called 'Si te dijeron,' and a very popular Cuban tune by Jose A. Pinares, 'Elrefran se te olvido.'

Throughout our interview we also learned that Gilberto's 19 year old daughter gets involved in selecting the right songs for his new CD. He listens to her opinion and values her view from the younger generation. Perhaps she could be the next A & R person on the market?

Gilberto visited the local radio station "La Gigante Tropical" where had an opportunity to meet him and ask him a lot of personal questions. You can read more about it by reading below or going to

We wanted to get to know Gilberto more on a personal level and therefore asked questions no one usually would ask. Here is what he had to say:

Personal Data:
? Married
? 4 Children
? Birthday is August 21, 1962
? Favorite color is Blue
? Lives in Puerto Rico
? Favorite Car: BMW

1. What is his favorite food or recipe? Rice with Chicken - Arroz con Pollo - special recipe from his mother. What makes it special? His mother's hands and love.

2. What type of music do he listen to in your car or at home? Loves Latin music in general and listens to music before his time, from the 50s and 60s, for example, El Gran Combo, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra.

3. Which music CDs would he purchase in the store? Live Performance of El Gran Combo's 40th birthday.

4. What is his favorite vacation destination? Las Vegas - loves all the show business there, but is not a gambler.

5. What do he usually do right before performing? Likes to be surrounded by many people but does not like to talk to anyone before because he is getting mentally ready for the show.

6. Who is his idol? Father - he admires his father so much because he gave him so much moral support. The family did not know the industry and totally supported him throughout his whole career. His father has a good philosophy of life.

7. Out of all his songs that he published - which one is his favorite song? There are two special songs - "Conciencia" written by Omar Olfano and "Perdoname" written by Jose Luis Piloto. Why these two songs? Because he has great memories during the time when he was recording the songs and because these two songs took his career to another level - he is therefore very greatful for that. These are the two songs which you can hear in each show.

8. Does he like to dress more casual or formal dressy attire? He prefers more elegant clothes but casual for business because many shows are outdoors and in warm areas such as Puerto Rico.

9. When going on a first date - what would he suggest to the person to not do? Don't talk too much about yourself.

10. Do you have a favorite quote? "Caminalo"

11. Before he became famous, what profession did he have - what was his first job? He was a paperboy for about two weeks. After that he has only been in the music business, having his singing career.

12. What is his hobby? His hobby is music, especially music of other people.

13. Do he play any sports? No sport in particular - he likes to read a lot.

14. What does he do in his spare time? Does not like to go out and party. He is a family man so the time he has left he spends it with his family at home. He also collects music.

To listen to his new songs you can go to

About Simone Emmons:
Simone Emmons is the founder and CEO of, a Latin Artists booking company.

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