Curse or No Curse

On Super Tuesday, Obama gets my vote

By Daniel Maldonado
Published on LatinoLA: February 4, 2008

Curse or No Curse

I've been voting for a long time. The first time I voted for president, Carter was the Democratic nominee. He went on to win the election. I've voted Democrat ever since. Born in East L.A. and raised in San Gabriel, CA, it stands to reason that I was born and raised to be a liberal Democrat.

As a kid, I watched my sisters support McGovern. That might be when my electoral "curse" began. Aside from Carter's first victory, the rest of my choices for president lost their elections: Dukakis, Gore and Kerry. Carter also lost his bid for re-election to Reagan.

Then came Clinton. I once heard a pundit on television say about Clinton: "He's not the Messiah." Boy, was he right. Clinton, the "comeback kid" should have stayed back. But the press was in love with Slick Willy and with their help, Slick Willy went on to become the Democratic nominee.

But Clinton's election was not the end of my electoral curse, as a true Democrat might have thought (or hoped). Why not? Because Bill Clinton signed "Operation Gatekeeper" into law. Operation Gatekeeper is one of the most anti-Mexican laws in U.S. history. Clinton also signed NAFTA into law. These two laws have effectively lead to the deaths of tens of thousands of Mexicanos.

Well that was BILL Clinton and not Hillary Clinton, right? Yes. But in last Tuesday's (Feb. 1st, 08) debate between Obama and Clinton, Hillary made some comments to the effect that undocumented workers did actually hurt black workers in the south, were her husband is affectionately viewed as "the first black president."

When asked the same question on immigration, Obama called it "scapegoating," although, he was not specifically referring to Hillary's comment(s), but to the whole "green light" on immigrant bashing in general. I liked that.

I first wanted to vote for Edwards, but he just didn't have the funds to keep up the fight. However, you do hear Obama and Clinton speaking more on poverty, a chief Edwards' issue. My next choice was Clinton, because I didn't think that white males, the nation's largest voting block, would vote for Obama and I didn't want to see a Republican win again.

Then I thought, well, if a Republican is going to win then I'll cross party lines in the general election, for the first time in my life, and vote for McCain. But McCain has shown that he is joined at the hip with Joe Leiberman. And Leiberman strikes me as a Rumsfeld laying in wait. And Donald Rumsfeld is the second worst thing ever to happen to the United States.

So, on Super Tuesday, Barack Obama will get my vote, curse or no curse.

Editor's Note:

Here are the campaign HQs in Southern California where supporters can volunteer to phone voters or walk precincts:

East Los Angeles - 5350 E Beverly Blvd in East LA at Margaret ST, about 3 blks E of Atlantic, phone, 323-359-2210

Wilshire District - 3333 Wilshire Blvd Ste 950, LA 90010 213-383-2008

Venice - 14410 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice 90291 310-396-4656

South LA - 8733 S Western Ave, LA 90008 323-752-2801

Pasadena - 37 E Union St. Pa;sa dena 91103, 626-431-2822

SF Valley - 14529 Archwood ST, Van Nuys 91405 818-902-902- 0204

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