Playing Politics?

Latino Democrats in Congress don't stand behind President on Iraq resolution

By Fernando Oaxaca
Published on LatinoLA: October 14, 2002

Playing Politics?

In case you were wondering how your representatives in the Congress behaved on the voting for a House of Representatives Resolution giving the President the authority to use force to handle the problem in Iraq, the sad results are shown below.

Every Latino Democrat in the Congress voted against supporting the President. One Democrat, Solomon Ortiz of Texas failed to vote at all.

The three Republicans, Bonilla, Diaz-Ballart and Ros-Lehtinen all voted to support President Bush.

I suspect, I have just a hunch, that most of the 35,000 Latinos in the Army, the 34,000 Latinos in the Navy, the 21,000 Latino Marines and the 17,500 Latinos in the U.S. Air Force are embarrassed. They and their families must feel bad that every one of the Latino Congressional Democrats in D.C. told their Commander-in-Chief, George W. Bush that when he goes back to the United Nations or when he talks to other countries about helping with the threat of Saddam Hussein, these brave legislators do not stand behind him. Their vote can only mean, in effect, that they are either playing politics or they lack something our brave young volunteers in our Armed Forces have plenty of!

The Fox Opinion Dynamics Poll of October 10 said that 72% of Americans support the President in using force to disarm Saddam Hussein.

Do you suppose our California Latino Congressional Democrats are aware of the August 29, 2002 poll of the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) which said that:

Latinos (75%) support President Bush on his performance on terrorism and national security more than Democrats overall (57%)?

Latinos (73%) support establishing a Department of Homeland Security as President Bush proposes more than Democrats overall (55%)?

Latinos (40%) are concerned about the government not establishing sufficient anti-terrorism laws more than Democrats overall (36%)?

Doesn't the Iraq resolution vote today and the three points above on PPIC Latino polling on national security issues in California strongly suggest that these Democrat Congressional Representatives are out of touch with their constituency and out of touch with America?

It's hard to figure out what these folks are doing there on the bank of the Potomac but it is high time that they recognize that all the hoopla, and reality as well, about growing Latino political power is being squandered by these self-centered, do-nothing, $150,000/year plus perks yo-yo's that are supposedly there to serve our interests!

If they have a defense for their actions, they should deliver it to the kids in uniform that could one day have their ass shot off to protect these ninnies! Except for Bonior and McDermott, the Congressional Baghdad Boys and Gary Condit, who else are they following? The other anti-Bush bloc voters, the Black Caucus? Their leader, House Minority Leader Gephardt, voted with the President. Even Tom Daschle, Senate Leader, committed to President Bush........he was just waiting for doddering old Bob Byrd, the senile Senator from West Virginia, to shut up and sit down so the Senate could vote!

Let's tell all these Washington folks how we feel.....let's stay on their case......time is going by............the next anthrax or nerve gas delivery might come across our borders or dumped on our Embassies or Armed Forces facilities overseas........while we wait for the political circus to end!

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