It's Time to Pack the Theatres

The success of Frida will send a message to Hollywood

By Premiere Weekend Club
Published on LatinoLA: October 24, 2002

It's Time to Pack the Theatres

"I'll bet dollars to donuts that Latinos will not support a film about Frida Kahlo."
- From an unnamed studio executive, quoted in an L.A. Times story, and who helped inspire the formation of the Premiere Weekend Club:

Other comments we have personally heard from powerful studio execs who shall remain nameless:

"Latinos don't see art films."

"The way to reach Latino audiences, since they can't speak English well, is through action films and dumb comedies."

If those sadly ignorant comments anger you, we hope you'll turn your anger into something productive and continue to help us change Hollywood's thinking and business practices.

Since the formation of our organization, Hollywood has gone from saying Latino doesn't sell (despite strong evidence to the contrary) to thinking just maybe it does sell.

When we formed the Premiere Weekend Club, our vision was to create a network of people around the country who would support Latino films on their opening weekend. Everyone who signed on would commit to telling everyone they know to support Latino films on their premiere weekends.

We have been waiting for this day to be able to support a Frida film (http://www.fridamovie.com).

We now reach over 1,000,000 people nationwide, with college professors and administrators at several major universities committed to blasting our e-mail messages of support throughout their campuses.

It is time to deliver on our promise and to send a strong message to Hollywood. The success of "Frida" will, among other things, show the film industry that there is a huge audience for real, non-stereotypical Latino characters.

"Frida" opens on Friday, October 25th, in Los Angeles and New York, and then expands and goes nationwide over the following two weekends, Friday, November 1st (Chicago, Philadelphia, SF, Boston, Dallas, Washington DC, Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, and Seattle) and Friday, November 8th.

Tell everyone you know and send this message to everyone possible, and tell them to blast away to everyone they know as well and be a part of history. (Also, please tell them to sign up for our e-mail list through the home page of our web site, http://www.premiereweekend.org/)

Support "Frida!"

It's time to pack the theatres.

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