could this be love

it must be.....

By mia soto
Published on LatinoLA: March 11, 2008

could this be love

I love them both for different reasons
Like the seasons
Time never stands still
It evolves in a circle of never ending
Why do I love them?
One for knowing who I am
My thoughts, dreams, aspirations
And the other for knowing my innocence
The young me of back than
No one knows where life takes you
The expectations that surpass you as one
Why do I love them
Because my heart has room
A part of my life.....
The past the present and who knows about the future
Whatever it brings I can and will say that I am lucky to have loved at all
Creative, strong, distorted minds,
Fantasy beyond... no holding back to where the heart,
Mind and soul lead For when you are in love
You have no boundaries.... you can't breath
You question your own actions.....
To love them is to hate them with the same passion.....
I love them both for different reasons and the seasons......

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