?Say It Conmigo!

An almost two minute play

By Octavio F. Islas
Published on LatinoLA: November 1, 2002

?Say It Conmigo!

Three men of Latino origin stand next to a white man in his forties wearing a suit. Outside of the Los Angeles Public Library

BOLIVAR: ?Libertad para Puerto Rico!

MAN: Excuse me?

BOLIVAR: ?Si me oite, Libertad pa' Puerto Rico!

MAN: I?m sorry, all I understood was, Liberaad, Libra add...is that what you said? What does that mean?

SIMON: Nothing, nothing...ignore him, my cousin is drunk.

MAN: It?s nine in the morning, Jesus.

SIMON: Him too, they?re both drunk, don't pay any attention to them...sorry about that.

MAN: No problem, so long.

SIMON: Bye...'ey...would you shut the fuck up!

JESUS: ?Que te pasa? What's wrong with yer cousin Bolivar, why is he sayin' this?

BOLIVAR: I don?t know, 'ey what?s wrong with you, yer scaring Jesus, Simon (Spanish)

SIMON: Don't call me that, how many times have I...

BOLIVAR: Ya, ya pue.., what?s wrong SIMON

SIMON: What do you think?

BOLIVAR: Pos' no se, that's why I'm askin'.

SIMON: Pues, you cerote.

JESUS: He called you a cerote.

BOLIVAR: Why you calling me a cerote?

SIMON: Why do you think?

BOLIVAR: I don't know SIMON, that's why I'm asking

SIMON: Because of this stupid shit you?re yelling: ?Libertad para Puerto Rico! Don?t be yelling that in front of gringos.

BOLIVAR: Then who? In front of my friends?

SIMON: Hey, as long as there are no gringos in there, yell all that you want as loud as you want.

BOLIVAR: Oh I see, ok...ta bien, ta bien, fine.

SIMON: Oh come on, no me hagas esa cara, you gotta understand how it.

BOLIVAR: It?s okay, it?s okay, I do, I do understand...perdon.

SIMON: Ey Bolivar, I didn't mean to...

BOLIVAR : No, no, its okay. Yo entiendo, I come to this country and start yelling and screaming por la libertad de mi pueblo, being all patriotic for my land.. .I forgot where I was. Ey, Jesus you still got those US flags in yer car?

JESUS: Yeah. ?Porqu??

BOLIVAR: Go get them.

JESUS: ?Que? What are you talking about?

BOLIVA : De eso man, we not in Puerto Rico no more, we gotta yell for the poor first world slaves, look at them...you see?

JESUS: Yeah...I see.

BOLIVAR: ?Triste, huh?

JESUS: Very depressing...I?ll go get those flags..

SIMON: Bolivar, what are you doing now?

BOLIVAR: Pues esto mero, man.

JESUS: Ey Bolivar here's the flags.

BOLIVAR: Thanks, here SIMON, take it.

JESUS: Fine.

BOLIVAR : Okay, Jesus start waving it, you too SIMON. Alright...Ey everybody...everybody griten despues de mi...?Libertad para los gringos, libertad para los gringos..............!!!!!!!

About Octavio F. Islas:
Octavio F. Islas is a member of Matando Musas circle and YuYu Tree collective.

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