no matter where life takes us

we're under the same sky....

By mia soto
Published on LatinoLA: April 8, 2008

no matter where life takes us

days are long never ending
where we are in life
just know that we are
both under the same
sky, sun, moon & stars...
when you think of me look up and smile
because at the same time i'm doing the same...
i'm sad when i don't hear your voice if only for
a minute out of the day
but when i pick up and hear your voice
my smile is from ear to ear..
your voice, your jokes make me feel that whatever this is it's
everything happens for a reason
you need to know that you are always in my heart
days, weeks, months will go by and just know that when you look up into the sky
stars so bright
sun shinning
clouds full of rain
beautiful lit moon
just look up and that's my mood
when the stars are bright that's me smiling thinking of you
when the sun is shinning my heart is full of warm thoughts of only you
when it's raining that's me missing you
when it's a beautiful moon that's me with my arms around you caressing you...
just know that you and i will always be under the same stars, sun, clouds & moon....
no matter where we are in life...
you are my reason
my smile, my sun
my stars
my rain
my blue sky...
you are my reason.....

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