How Nortec Helped Me Get a Guerita

A Mexican Dj wearing a latex sarape...

By Octavio Francisco Islas Gastelum (YT/ELA)
Published on LatinoLA: November 17, 2002

How Nortec Helped Me Get a Guerita

Somewhere in El Monte California.

Amber a tall blonde blue eyed twenty something woman is standing next to a payphone.

Kiko a twenty something mexican is walking by and stops and we sees her.

Kiko : Ey guerita..,.what you doing over here at The Mount this late

Amber : Late? It?s not even seven yet.

Kiko : That?s late for you ?Oh que? Don't you know yer like a trophy for us.

Amber : Huh? What? jajajaja.., what do you mean a trophy?

Kiko : Ey, ey, ey you stop that right now. Don?t be smiling for too long at me I might...I?m already excited, you?d better stop smiling or I?m gonna take you home to meet my mom. She?ll be all orgulloza about me and forget that I?m unemployed for a couple of days 'cause she?ll be bragging you to her comadres. 'Ay que mi Kiko he?s dating a really nice guerita.' Yer a nice guerita huh ey but...don?t think that I like you just c'ause ah that I mean...yer... yer like a butterfly, a beautiful butterfly.

Amber : Thanks..

Kiko : Simon, but... bueno...it?s not just that why I like you it also has to do with these post-punk house, viva trance Mexican chicks. Have you seen how they dress.., shhh.., como la Frida? You know, Frida, now that woman, taba fea la cabrona. I don't care if Ofelia Medina played her in a movie, Frida don?t look like no Ofelia Medina and it?s not just that shes...pues fea....it?s her art. They call that surrealism. I don?t see no surrealism in that. All I see is a...fea la cabrona parece vato. I wonder what Ball and Tzara would say about Frida's work being called surrealist? Maybe they would agree huh? But you know what I'm sure Huelsenbeck wouldn?t. He would...What? Que tienes? Oh... I see... you didn?t think I?d know about those people did you. Ey I said I was unemployed, not ignorant.

Amber : No no it?s not that... it?s... I don?t know those people you?re telling me about.

Kiko : You don't know who Frida is.., how can you not know.., she's the one with those pinchis scary as hell brows and..

Amber : No... I mean... I know... of course I know who Frida is, the other ones you mentioned.

Kiko : Huelsenbeck ... you don?t know him...

Amber : No... No I don?t

Kiko : Ni a Ball, ni Tzara.

Amber : Sorry ...

Kiko : No that?s okay, it's just... I assumed since yer a guerita you would know about German and Austrian artists. Don?t worry baby it?s okay, it doesn?t matter if yer dumb or not... My mom will like you no matter what but me... see that?s why you have to go out with me, you would be helping a son get closer to his mother. She?ll be so busy bragging about you and all proud of me for tener a guerita that she wont call me a huevon or tell me anything for being unemployed.

Amber : Well... jajaj this flattering but...

Kiko : But what... ah come on guerita let?s... oh I know let?s go dancing.

Amber : Dancing? Where do you want to take me to dance.

Kiko : Ahmmm... well there?s...

Amber : I?ve already gone salsa dancing.

Kiko : Salsa...no, no salsa I can?t eat that stuff, It?s not that type of date.

Amber : Huh? What are you talking about? You know what I don?t think this is a good idea... I mean... I don?t want to go to a Latino club and make a fool of myself being the dumb white girl.

Kiko : But that?s everywhere you go, don?t be racist.

Amber : Racist? How am I being racist.

Kiko : Oh I know where we can go, you?ll like this.

Amber : Look I?m not being racist but I really don?t want to go to a Latino music type thing.

Kiko : Oh well ammm.., this is different Latino music type, this is... this is Nortec.

Amber : Nortec? What?s Nortec?

Kiko : Well it;s.. It?s a Mexican dj wearing a latex sarape and he?s mixing banda music with progressive electronic beats.

Amber : Really, that sounds different..

Kiko : Yeah, yeah and the..,. the dj he?s on a donkey that?s painted as a zebra and he's doing the mixing while riding the donkey around the dance floor.

Amber : Cool... let?s go.

Kiko : Really... Thank you, Nortec finally I have a guerita of my own and it?s because of you... thank you...

Kiko grabs Amber?s hand and they walk away.

About Octavio Francisco Islas Gastelum (YT/ELA):
Octavio Francisco Islas Gastelum (YT/ELA) is a member of Matando Musas circle and YuYu Tree yuyutree@hotmail.com

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