I Have Nothing Against You!

I'm not meant to talk like that

By Donna Cain
Published on LatinoLA: November 14, 2002

I Have Nothing Against You!

Now I have nothing against anyone from the Hispanic culture.

It's just what makes me upset is when they try to push their culture on others. Such as the Catholic religion that Hispanics share and their language.

Now I know so many kids in school say, "Oh, I hate Spanish!" But really I don't hate it or them. I just can't comprehend what it means 'cause I'm not meant to talk like that.

And it's hard because they literally talk backwards.

They leave their noun last and verb first. That's like saying, "Jump did Susie." It's all discombobulated as far as I'm concerned.

And really I am concerned 'cause people think they're stupid 'cause they can't understand it.

But really they aren't.

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