n' dazed.....

By mia soto
Published on LatinoLA: March 30, 2008


I don't know what to think
what to feel
what to say
cliche' actions speak louder than words
I always come here to write my thoughts
because I feel free and comfortable
for other's to read what someone
else is feeling.
perhaps someone is saying, "hey that's how i feel!"
I have someone in my life
who I love
But I have someone in my life who I can't let go
why does it have to be so hard, difficult
trials n' tribulations.....
being together is amazing
and being apart makes me wanna die!
i have fun, i can laugh like a kid
and be myself
than i am angry, sad and depressed
because i wish it was someone else...
to be so selfish.
to not see what you have in front of you
to be unhappy when happiness is staring you
in the face!
why do i put myself through this pain and agony?
if this is what love feels like
than maybe it's not for me
i say i love you but i don't know sometimes?
why is it so hard for me to let go if i'm so
miserable and unhappy?
i'm confused and can't stop thinking of
what i should do?
the fights, the lies, the hurtful things.....
that's not being in love, that's not caring for
that's being mean, and hurtful?
still i can't walk away.
am i that afraid of being alone?
i sometimes feel that love is for the

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