El Culto Del Pisado

We are all children of the Gods and we should start acting like it

By Alberto Marrero Salas
Published on LatinoLA: November 20, 2002

El Culto Del Pisado

Living in Los Angeles now for many years I have come to the conclusion that among Latinos in Los Angeles there is a cult, a cult that I refer to as the Cult of el Pisado. Examples of this appear almost daily in La Opini?n and on the local Spanish television channels.

In El Culto del Pisado the individual has no responsibility, fault or blame. He is a victim, a damnificado, no matter what he or she had done to place themselves in the unfortunate position.

Reading La Opini?n a few months ago I read a report about a mother of four who was pregnant complaining about the roach-infested apartment that she lived in.

Of course the article condemned the landlord but I asked myself, what is a woman doing pregnant when she has four children and lives in a roach-infested apartment? Woefully lacking was any mention of a father or a male shack-in. There is no question that the landlord was guilty of being a slumlord but no one questioned the wisdom of being pregnant for a fifth time living in those conditions.

She was not an animal. She was a rational human being who could have chosen to practice birth control and not bring another child into a condition of poverty and filth.

In a story that was broadcast on KMEX Channel 34, there was a man who claimed he had been cheated by an immigration attorney. He was Mexican and the attorney had gotten him a work permit as a Guatemalan.

He had been renewing his work permit for 10 years. On the face of the permit it says "Nationality: Guatemala." He had a Guatemalan birth certificate and a Cedula (national identity card) with his picture.

He had recently gotten married to a citizen who petitioned him and now claimed that for 10 years he did not know that he had applied as a Guatemalan. Yeah, he didn?t know and I look like Ricky Martin and sing like Bocelli.

In a story that was widely covered a couple of years ago, Magic Mountain was accused of discriminating against Latinos. The lawsuit claimed that Magic Mountain would not allow people who looked Latino to enter the park.

I am Latino as well as my children and my family, and we have never been denied entry into Magic Mountain.

When I saw the report on television I was amazed to see what the Latino look was supposed be.

I saw an attorney blasting Magic Mountain flanked by two guys with shaved heads, tattoos and baggy shorts that dropped to their ankles. Two poster boys for GANGBANG INC.

The next day I called Magic Mountain and thanked them for keeping gangbangers out. Some people say ?It's only a style.? Well, if it quacks, walks like a duck and swims like a duck...its a duck.

The inference is that somehow gangbangers are part of the Latino culture.

In 1992 the Salvadoran community through private donations was able to sponsor a float in the Rose Parade, a celebration of what the Salvadoran community had accomplished in Los Angeles. It was the first time that El Salvador would be represented in the Rose Parade.

The cost of the float was about $100,000, a small amount when compared to other floats, all financed by Salvadoran businessmen.

Well there was a outcry from the ?community based organizations? claiming that the money should have been spent on the poor. (Translation: the money should have gone to us so we could have given some to the poor and of course kept some for ourselves to cover expenses.)

Now you tell me how 100 thousand dollars would have helped the poor?

There is an industry of the of poor in Los Angeles. People who make their living in helping the poor and the damnificados and God forbid should poverty ever be eliminated. The people in the poverty industry would have to get real jobs.

Why is it that a community cannot celebrate success? Why always just the poor and the downtrodden?

Where is personal responsibility? Are we really that incapable?

Latinos, celebrate! You are the master of your own destiny. You have no limits, no bounds. Don?t let the media and the poverty industry tell you that somehow you are handicapped because you are Latino.

It is a blessing to be here in Southern California and being able to speak both Spanish and English. As Scarface said in the movie, "I want the world, chico, and everything that's in it."

We are all children of the Gods and we should start acting like it.

About Alberto Marrero Salas:
Alberto R. Marrero Salas was born in Cuba 1953 and exiled to the US in 1959. Administrator Nacara2000/ Estamos Unidos (Wilshire )Immigration Service. Eight children, married to Olivia Rodriguez from La Libertad El Salvador.

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