Hillary is Circling The Drain

Support for Hillary Clinton should be viewed as an endorsement for Operation Gatekeeper by all Chicanos and Mexican-Americans

By Daniel Maldonado
Published on LatinoLA: April 2, 2008

Hillary is Circling The Drain

Anyone been to lately? They have a new "Clinton Meter."

No, it doesn't measure Bill's woody as he fantasizes about the prospects of all those young female White House interns. Nope. Instead, it charts Hillary's demise. You see, Hillary, and her chances of being elected the next President of The United States, are circling the drain.

And guess who pulled the plug on this drain? A Mexican, that's who. A Mexican-American that is. Yep. It was none other than NM Gov. Bill Richardson. Guided by what he and millions of other Americans perceive to be the will of the people.

Guided by what he and millions of other Americans have always wanted but never really thought would one day be within reach: "Real change." Guided by his conscience and not by a feudal sense of loyalty, Richardson endorsed Obama.

And no sooner did Richardson endorse Sen. Obama, that the Clintons released their attack dog, James Carville, on him. Calling Richardson "Judas" on Easter Sunday was about as classic as an insult can get; unfortunately, for the Clintons, it was also ineffective.

No blood in the water there.

And this assertion that was floated for just a morning, that Richardson could only deliver Latino votes was a sad commentary on the Clinton campaign. Indicative of Clinton camp ineptness, desperation and sour grapes.

Richardson's endorsement should serve as an example to all Chicanos and Mexican-Americans. Hillary Clinton came to L.A. acting as though we owed her something. As Richardson put it: "The Clinton's have a sense of entitlement. "Sense of entitlement?" Must be nice. What isn't nice is Operation Gatekeeper. Support for Hillary Clinton should be viewed as an endorsement for Operation Gatekeeper by all Chicanos and Mexican-Americans.

Of course, Sen. Clinton's chances were diminishing quickly even before Richardson's endorsement. But when Richardson put his finger on the scale for Obama, he set off a chain reaction. Soon there after, Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont and Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut both put their fingers on the scale for Obama as well. They let their sentiments be known about Sen. Clinton staying in the race. With virtually no chance of winning the Democratic nomination, Leahy and Dodd both called for Clinton to throw in the towel and support Obama.

The speech Richardson gave when he endorsed Obama was second only to Obama's "Unity" speech. Maybe there is a team there. After all, Richardson never seemed all that exasperated whenever the pundits would suggest he was really running for vice-president.

Back at there are 3 scenarios that could possibly help Clinton and one of them includes a mass epiphany. Another involves Obama imploding. But Obama survived Rev. Wright-gate. Which amounts to little more than guilt by association. It hurts him, at least marginally, with the largest voting block of all, white males. And realistically can only hurt him in the general election against Sen. McCain. But McCain has an ever bigger handicap... The Iraq war. Not to mention his admitted lack of knowledge about the American economy.

As for Michigan and Florida, Sen. Obama can give Sen. Clinton all the delegates from both those states, lay that question to rest, and he'll still be ahead on the delegate count. Such a noble move might even gain Obama more Super Delegates.

Enter Pennsylvania. They have a proportional system of divvying up their delegates. Clinton would have to cream Obama and that would only gain her headlines but still not enough delegates for the nomination.

Hillary Clinton is one tough lady. But in the end, this only proves that Obama has beat the best and will have no trouble beating McCain.

Clinton has stated that she's in the race 'till the end. This is her "Tanya Harding" tactic. Cripple Obama so bad that he loses to McCain and then she'll be back in 2012 to run again.

But for 2008, Clinton is circling the drain. And the only ratings she'll be helping by staying in the race is the Tonight Show's.


1) Carville stated on CNN this on March 30 with Wolf Blitzer that his "Judas" remark was: "Over the top." Carville stopped short of an apology, however.

2) True to form, Sen. Obama has acknowledged Sen. Clinton's right to stay in the race as long as she sees fit.

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