?Tratando de vivir!

Life is very hard when you are an immigrant

By Anonymous
Published on LatinoLA: December 8, 2002

?Tratando de vivir!

I am 21 years old now. The older I get and as time passes by I find it more difficult to succeed in this country. Not because I don?t want to, but because I am not allowed to. For the simple fact that I am an immigrant. Born in Mexico, but raised in the United States. I considered myself Mexican-American, I have been here most of my life. This is all I know and all I want.

Life is very hard when you are an immigrant. If you don?t have a SSN or ID, you basically don?t exist. You can?t do anything or go anywhere. No credit, no license, no life. It?s supposed to be ?the land of the free? but believe me when you are an immigrant it feels like you are a slave, working hard for nothing in return. Some people say, ?If you don?t like it, then go back to your country?. But we can?t we come here for a better life. Me personally, I don?t want to go back. Maybe if I didn?t know any better I would, but I know that I can have a better future here.

I want to be able to vote, to drive with no fear, but most important of all go to college. I graduated high school but I haven?t been back to school. I can?t afford it. I have to pay bills and work hard, with hope that some day all of my hard work will pay off.

In June 2002 the judiciary committee approved S. 1291, the ?Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (dream act law). This bill will provide in-state tuition and help us regularize our immigration status. The requirements are:
? The person has to be 12 years old or older at the time of enactment of the law.
? The person cannot be older than 21 years old at the time of application.
? The person has received their high school diploma or the equivalent (GED).
? The person has lived continuously in the United States for 5 years.
? The person is of good moral character with no criminal record.

I think some changes need to be made, there is plenty of people who are over the age of 21 that should be able to apply, myself example myself.

The bill still has to be submitted for consideration of the full body of the Senate. It has also been put on hold, due to the terrorist attacks and threats. I understand that at this moment our country is going through some difficult times, but I can?t put my life on hold.

Something needs to be done soon. I can?t continue to live my life like this. This is not what I want. I have dreams and goals. When I am older I want to look back and be satisfied with what I have become. Thanks to this wonderful country that gave me the opportunity to be somebody in the land of the free, where anything and everything is possible.

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