Es Mi Dad

In your heart you know he loves you unconditionally

By Maria Soto-Arzola
Published on LatinoLA: December 16, 2002

Es Mi Dad

What defines a father
The man that in pregnates your mother?
The man who gives you his last name?
The man who really looks forward to being called
a father.

Maybe it's just someone who wants to do the right thing.
Mi Dad is what I have always called him. Never Father
Padre or Daddy.

Mi Dad is my hero. He's the man that has always been there for
my mother, my brother, myself and the rest of the family.

He's the man I admire, look up to and in many ways my inspiration.
Mi Dad is caring, loving, strong. He's a hard working man
always provided for us. Always got us the cool toys, went on cool trips
even took us to Marineland when mom had to work.

Mi Dad has always guided us in the right direction
Helping us with homework
Making breakfast cause mom's at work

He's the one who picks you up from school 'cause you
just got caught for ditching. Making you watch your kid brother,
Giving you chores like:
Throw the trash!
"No you can't go out"
Do your homework!

This is all Mi Dad

Telling you that no matter what happens he'll always be there
for you! Even through the hard times.
Being there to let you know that all will be alright after mom passed away.
Walking you down the aisle on your wedding day, dancing with you
at your wedding, smiling and laughing although she's missed.
Crying and him telling you that all will be alright. Trying to be
the strong one for the family.

Mi Dad is someone who even though he doesn't always call or tell you he loves, you in your heart you know he loves you unconditionally and I know that I am his daughter.

That's Mi Dad. All this and much more!
De todo corazon para Mi Dad! Thanks for your all your love, support and for being
with mom until the end!

Tu hija Morena :-)

About Maria Soto-Arzola:
Maria Soto - Arzola is at marzola32@hotmail.com
This was inspired by my dad and I want all to know how much he means to me and my brother!

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