News From the Brown side of Town

Happenings in the land of 1000 Dances, April 30, 2008

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: April 30, 2008

News From the Brown side of Town

Orale, Mi Gente !

It's getting hotter in The Land of 1000 Dances, and the action never stops, even when the sun goes down. Summer's gettin' closer...

What's also not cooling down, or stopping, or even going down is the price of living in the City of Angels.

The Presidential election campaign is in every living room TV every night, as candidates continue to raise & spend millions to see who gets to kick back & watch Monday night football in the Oval Office after next January. (Barak Obama was reportedly spotted cruising the Whittier Radisson Hotel last weekend, but couldn't find a parking spot)

Gas has finally topped $4.00 a gallon in L.A., catching up to the price of a gallon of milk and a pack of smokes. (Chorizo & tortillas are also creeping up in price!)

The average price for a concert ticket at L.A.'s Greek Theater is now $60.00, with $25.00 for preferred parking, and $10.00 for a 16 oz beer. The average price of a hotel room in Vegas is almost $100.00 per night, but it will take you at least $100.00 worth of gas to get you there and back from L.A., and the average show is $45.00 per ticket.
(drinks are still free as long as you gamble away...)

A day at places like Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Knott's Berry Farm or others runs you into the couple hundred for just a day, not counting gas & parking.

So...what does the average adult person in L.A. with a job, a heart, and the benefit of good friends do when they still look for a good time, but don't want to spend their entire rent on it? (hint: sittin' on the porch munchin' nachos ain't it!)

They stay local, drive shorter distances, enjoy the local amenities & entertainment of their neighborhoods, and talk on their cell phones after 9 pm & on weekends.


Great talent, good food, and fresh cold beer awaits you at the Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet every Saturday ($1.00 admission) & every Sunday ($1.50 admission), where local popular bands battle it out for your entertainment.

Despite the economic hard times, people in the Land of 1000 Dances still managed to get together and raise money for the needy & a good cause this past Sunday, while having a good time. The CARING FOR OUR COMMUNITY Organization, along with the OLDIES and REALITY Car Clubs put on a fund raiser car show-concert at Charter Oak High School in Covina for a young victim of an auto accident.

Benefiting young Mr. Nicholas Conner and his family, over 300 hundred people enjoyed sunshine, food, refreshments, a classic & contemporary lowrider-hot rod-custom bike show, souvenirs, and raffle prizes, put on by CARING FOR OUR COMMUNITY, THE OLDIES & REALITY CAR CLUBS, CoSTCO, The City of Covina, Charter Oak High School, and JAKE's HOTDOGs.

Great music was provided by the popular R & B/Oldies/Chicano rock band, the MAD LATINS, who put on a sizzling great show for an appreciative crowd, that included special guest artists Bobby Navarrete (TIERRA/THEE MIDNITERS fame) and Johnny Hernandez (former lead vocalist for LITTLE JOE Y LA FAMILIA fame). Additional music was provided by East L.A. Revue Radio personalities & DJ's Art "Mr. O.G." Rocha, Chico Manqueros, and Frankie Firme.
(for more info on The Mad Latins band, e-mail: THEMADLATINS@msn.com)

Spotted in the crowd were singer/song writer Harpo Martinez, author Ruben Molina, Rick "Thee Mr." Duran, East L.A. Rey Garza, Steven Chavez, along with members of the OLDIES, PACHUCO, REALITY, TRAFFIC, TOGETHER, and L.A. BOMB CLUB car clubs, and all the way from Santa Barbara, the RIDING LOW custom bike club.

(note: Johnny Hernandez will be performing on the THEE MR. DURAN Show on www.mrduran.com soon. Check him out)

Later on that night, PEPE MARQUEZ and the KAOS Band also performed at a small fundraiser for an accident victim at the Montebello Inn, while SLY, SLICK, & WICKED performed at the Crazy Horse in West Covina along with singers Rocky Padilla & Cory Silva.

The WHITTIER RADISSON Hotel was jumpin', bumpin' and all the way live this weekend with groups like THE COMPANY, DOWN WITH 3, and SUAVE in the house. The DRN Disco nights was also a full house affair! The renovations are almost complete and grand re-opening is May 16th, but until they do, the RADISSON remains open and is having a fundraiser of their own on May 25th, honoring Mr. Henry Roman, founder of the Kenny Roman Foundation , dedicated to helping musicians & artists in time of need.

The talent includes PONCHO SANCHEZ, THE RAMON BANDA TRIO, CHICO, MALO, Little WILLIE G, and SPICE, with a free post party afterwards, all at the luxurious but affordable Whittier Radisson Grand Hotel, Lounge, and Ballroom. rnFor more info: www.jegrp.com.

On a sad note, the music world suffered a great loss as SAL CHICO and AL WILSON passed away earlier this month. Sal was a talented musician and founder of the CHICO Band, and Al Wilson was known for his classic originals "Show & Tell", and "The Snake". A musical tribute is scheduled on the East L.A. Revue Internet Radio station soon, and Al was mentioned on www.rockinradio.com.

If you're looking for a good place to get some decent Bar-b-que and listen to some fine live Blues music in L.A. , I highly recommend Steve's Bar-B-Que on Greenleaf Avenue in old uptown Whittier, just a couple of blocks north of the Radisson Hotel. Great food, decent prices, FREE parking, and great live blues music every weekend. For more info, call : (562) 789-0200.

This month, the East L.A. Revue Internet Radio Jukebox brings out new programs, now with 12 DJ's, new featured artists, and additions to the Vinyl Classics Hour program. Heard all across the country, and all over the world, the East L.A. Revue Internet Radio Jukebox is fast becoming the most listened to Internet radio station around! Check out Frankie Firme, Chico Manqueros, Crazy Chuy, DJ Velez, El Chino, Mr. O.G., Ray & Josie Ramos, Rocky Padilla, La Sk8-er, Dona Pancha, Ray Ramos Jr., and The Betoman, as the blows across the Land of 1000 Dances like a soft cyberspace breeze.

The Latin Legends concert comes to L.A. & the Greek Theater for 2 days as TIERRA, MALO, EL CHICANO, WAR, and THEE MIDNITERS grace the stage for their annual old school get together. Tickets are available thru www.Ticketmaster.com.

Next month, THE COMPANY BAND's "Co-2" CD makes it's world wide debut on East L.A. Revue Radio.

Orale, that's it for now, mi Gente! Gotta get back on the road and catch up with the road dogs who will be meeting me at the annual RAMONA PAGEANT in Hemet, California, this May 3rd. See you there!

Until then, keep our brave men & women in uniform serving in Iraq & Afghanistan in your hearts and NEVER forget that they're there!

Respect yourself & our women, protect & educate our children, keep your eyes to the heavens, and listen to the best music in the world on www.eastLArevue.com, brought to you in part by LatinoLA.com .

Ay te watcho...from the Land of 1000 Dances!

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