Soy Latina

Portraits By Perry T. Haines

Published on LatinoLA: May 12, 2008

Soy Latina

Perry Haines has been photographing various subjects for about 25 years. Whether it is a beautiful face or a memorable place, Perry has a natural talent for photography. In 2000, Perry graduated from California State University with a Bachelor??s Degree in Human Development. Not wanting to continue a formal education, his longtime interest in photography became a passion. With deep interests in culture (especially Latin America) and world travel, he much enjoys creating beautiful images with those from other ethnic groups.

In Soy Latina, Perry writes, "I am absolutely fascinated by the many variations of breathtaking beauty; I truly believe that the world would be a very uninteresting place if we were all the same."

Soy Latina is a collection of nearly one-hundred beautifully composed portraits of young Latina women taken over the last several years. Perry explains, "This book came from the heart; I have much cari??o" for Latin America and I enjoyed every single moment of meeting and working with so many beautiful people!" He continues, "I hope that this and future photo-art projects will bring about an appreciation for the beauty of diversity and hopefully, make the world a somewhat better place!"

Perry Haines is currently working on two more book projects. The first book, which is entitled "Latina: portraits of diversity" is a continuation of Soy Latina. The second book called "PORTRAITS of diversity," is about the many beautiful looks of the world??s different cultures. Perry says that he would also love to do a book for Native Americans and those indigenous to what is now Latina America.

Finally, Perry Haines??s projects are not-for-profit. Everything that is made from the sale of books such as Soy Latina allow Perry to continue to work on other projects. Perry comments, "when I am working on these projects, the last thing on my mind is sales; I create these books because I love to do it!"

Anyone who would like to participate in Perry??s work should visit www.perryphoto.com/id10.html and/or send an email with a recent photo attached. If you would like a copy of Soy Latina, you can find it athttp://www2.xlibris.com/bookstore/bookdisplay.asp?bookid=35440

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