An Art Intervention

Changing Ties: Reconsidering Identity Through Cross-cultural Interventions, June 13 - July 6

Published on LatinoLA: May 18, 2008

An Art Intervention

Avenue 50 Studio is pleased to announce the exhibition Changing Ties: Reconsidering Identity Through Cross-cultural Interventions.

Changing Ties is an exhibit that attempts to function as an art intervention to contemporary and historical documentations of divisions among Black and Brown communities within Los Angeles. The divisions have been visibly apparent through gang warfare, in schools, jails and certain communities. Various educators have come up with theories relating to the onset of the polemic. Some argue that the problem stems from economic rivalry, while others believe it stems from long time prejudices. The intent of this exhibition is to present certain models that explore strategies of engagement between cultures- specifically Black and Brown culture-that point to intercultural dialogues in contrast to the negative documentation covered by the media.

Changing Ties challenges the common notion that identity lies within a fixed state- that somehow we can fall into a category that is not susceptible to change as we encounter other cultures. The artists in the exhibition mine from popular culture and cross-cultural experiences to locate the place where apparent intercultural engagements can occur- where subjectivities merge. The artists take into account the significance of cultural specificity and its importance in their lives and work; yet they understand that who they are cannot be contained solely within those parameters. They also work in the contemporary fashion of finding a particular medium to articulate an idea, as opposed to finding a particular idea to fit a medium. The exhibition will showcase works in various mediums raging from painting, drawing, video and sculpture. The artists in the exhibition engage cultural signifiers from Black, Brown, and popular culture to destabilize their assumed location.

Perhaps by exploring the formation of the subjective identity and the intermingling of cultures, we can come to the realization that as people we merge more than we chose to believe. As such, there can never be a true polarization, as our ‘«£cultural‘«ō subjectivities continue to merge with other cultures. Hence, to ‘«£change ties‘«ō, as the title of the exhibition suggests, alludes to adopting a reasoning that confronts commonly held ethno-nationalistic values and, as previously mentioned, presents a different model that deconstructs a rigid tie to the notion of identity. The exhibited artists believe that art can serve as an important vehicle to generate conversations that address these societal tensions and hence have broad social relevance.

The artists:
Akosua Adoma Owusu
Harry Gamboa Jr.
Margarita Cabrera
Nate Young
Nery Gabriel Lemus
Nikki Pressley
Rub?ģn Ortiz-Torres

Changing Ties:
June 13- July 6, 2008
Opening reception: Friday, June 13, 2008 6-9 pm

For additional information and press materials, please contact the gallery at (323) 258-1435 or ave50studio@sbcglobal.net

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