I Visited With The Great Spirits Today

After 48 years of life in Gringoland, I have achieved peace. because the spirits knew me and what I needed

By Mexitli
Published on LatinoLA: May 20, 2008

I Visited With The Great Spirits Today

Today I entered the Spirit world. Today I traveled through the invisible barrier from our world into the spirit dimension.

I was greeted by a spirit who awaited me. The spirits were powerful and had great energy.

As I entered the spirit dimension, immediately other spirits came to see what my story was.

The spirit that greeted me told them I was only there temporarily. That I would not be staying. That I would be leaving, back to my world. The other spirits left the way they came, unbothered by my presence.

I was watched over by the spirit that welcomed me. But the spirit did not speak to me. Only to the other spirits. The other spirits did not speak to me either.

I was in the spirit world for not more that three minutes.

And I observed the spirits. And the spirits observed me.

I was allowed to because of my Mazatec brothers. Though I do not know if I have ever met a Mazatec.

As a Zacatec, the spirits allowed me in.

I experienced the spirit world. It is a parallel world to ours.

But in our world of turmoil, true peace cannot be achieved.

After 48 years of life in Gringoland, I have achieved peace. because the spirits knew me and what I needed. The spirits are always with me. The spirits are always around me. The spirits see everything I do and they knew I was coming. They literally awaited me.

Then I entered their dimension.

And here is what I learned: That 14 year old boy that drank beer without his mother knowing was trying to become a Zacatec warrior. I did it without my elders to guide me and I used something that is a poison to our people - alcohol.

But the spirits knew about my past. They knew about my many unsuccessful efforts to become a Zacatec Warrior.

But without the medicine needed to enter the spirit world. Trying to become a Zacatec warrior in a concrete jungle in Gringoland and using alcohol to do it would not work.

So from 14 to 48, Instead of bravery, honor and my elders guiding my life. My life was adrift, guided by turmoil, bad people and worse yet, guided by me.

Because I had not met with the spirits when I was fourteen the way I was supposed to have.

But the spirits were not evil. The spirits knew me and the spirits understood me. The spirits were powerful and the spirits were good. And after years of searching for my religion, the spirits decided I was ready to meet them in their realm. Where they rule freely. In their world where they have dominion.

Now the turmoil is gone. Although it was with me for years I feel total peace.

Today I met with the spirits and for the first time in my life I have true peace.

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