el dolor de un coraz??n

By mia soto
Published on LatinoLA: May 30, 2008


i can't get that look and that voice out of my head
it's gonna be the death of me.
for you to tell me one day you want to be with me
and the next tell me you hate me and
want nothing to do with me ever again.
you don't realize how deep my love is
i don't just love you i'm in love with you
if you were to tell me
i would pack a bag and walk to the end of the world for you and with you. you are my air
it's so strange your mom would prob. laugh
to know that someone really loves her son unconditional no matter what he's done and all his faults. but i see you for you not the addict. for i know
you do have a soul. i have faith in you i still do.
i'm not even mad at you, just hurt... w/ sorrow that wallows in my heart as tears
stream down my face... how sad pathetic i sound? i'm sorry. i know you hurt as well and here i am raining on you....tell me how you feel? what does your heart and soul tell you?

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