Zocaloc Productions: An Arts and Music Movement

Playing a vital role in sponsoring upcoming artists and showcasing local L.A. bands

Published on LatinoLA: June 2, 2008

Zocaloc Productions: An Arts and Music Movement

Zocaloc Productions was founded and organized by Graffiti Artist ShanduOne (Hector Calderon) of L A Bombsquad (Labs) and Los Angeles-born artist Peter E. Carrillo, known for his reconstruction of the Mental Menudo Artist collective. Both ShanduOne and Peter E Carrillo have been a vital influence in the North East Los Angeles, East Los Angeles and Los Angeles areas art and music movement. Zocaloc Productions have played a important role in sponsoring new upcoming artists through art exhibitions and showcasing local L A Bands through live musical performances.

The concept of Zocaloc was formed through visits to Oaxaca, Mexico City and Guadalajara‘«÷s centers of gathering, the Z??calo (were musicians, artists, scholars, politicos and common folks gather to express there given right). The Loc part of Zocaloc was added to show the Loco part of the Los Angeles words of respect. In their definition, a Loco is a veterano in Chicano slang terms, ‘«£What's up Loco‘«ō or a person who is down for his culture and people's traditions or a straight up gangster who has put their work in.

Zocaloc has played a key role in organizing art exhibitions and musical events in Eagle Rock, Highland Park, El Sereno, East Los Angeles, Lincoln Heights and Culver City. Such events include Eagle Rock Music Festival, Sony Music‘«÷s latest Artist Exhibition, Blue Chip Gallery, Rock Rose Gallery, Ave 50 Studio, DA Gallery, The Mexican Cultural Institute, Self Help Graphics, The Space Ark Gallery and The Eagle Rock Art Center.

We also have experience in organizing musical events at Mr T‘«÷s, The Airliner, and Barnacle Bros, The 35er and Tropico De Nopal (Chican@ Art Magazines release party). This experience of organizing and creating these events has given Zocaloc a true perspective of the Los Angeles art and music movement.

Zocaloc Productions has a strong team of visionaries who help keep our goals alive. Brian Martinez (Musician, Eagle Rock Music Festival organizer), Nick Carrillo (Believer and Muscle), Leonard Martinez ( Silk screen Guru, PMI), Emelda Guiterez(Artist), Peter E Carrillo (Founder and Artist) and ShanduOne (Founder and Graffiti Artist).

The Goal of Zocaloc is to continue the promotions of local upcoming artists through Art Exhibitions and to continue creating musical events for local LA bands. We have created a T Shirt line that will expose new and upcoming artists through marketing and sales. Such funds will help to pay the artist and assist Zocaloc in funding art exhibits and musical events. This goal of promoting artists through visual art on T Shirts will help to bring the true local LA art & music scene to the public eye.

Special thanks to the Artists, Musicians,Promoters and Venues in assisting our dream come alive. Gilbert Lujan (Magu), Eagle Rock Art Center, The Mama Suki, The Virginia City Revival, El Haru Kauri, HDR, Ave 50 Studio, Blue Chip Gallery, Manuel Legaspe, Barnacle Bros (Smilee), Red 67, Mr T‘«÷s, The Airliner, The Mexican Cultural Institute, Joe Bravo, 50mm, Rosa Maria Marquez, Gabe 88, Vox,Cab,Elika, Raul Baltazar, Frito, Self Help Graphics, The Pasadena Rehearsal Studio, Tropico De Nopal, Jose Cortez (Memo), Henry Valencia and Mom.

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