A Texas Babe in the Land of 1000 Dances

Cali Musica's Thee Dallas Homegirl visits L.A.

By Annette Alvarez
Published on LatinoLA: June 4, 2008

A Texas Babe in the Land of 1000 Dances

After almost a year of planning, I was finally was able to get away and visit the fabled "Land of 1000 Dances": Los Angeles, California. Anybody that knows me knows that I am a big fan and lover of West Coast Chicano music, so here I was, going on my fantasy trip...FOR REAL!

My trip started on a very nervous Thursday morning ride to Dallas~Fort Worth airport in Texas. May 22 couldn't have come any sooner, for everybody that knows me knew how excited I was for this big day. On my way to my dream.....California here I come!!

I came in on a rainy Thursday morning. Thankfully, I get a call from Cory Silva, welcoming me to California. I was still on the plane, it was perfect timing for Cory, as I had just turned on my cell when he happened to phone. I knew that Cory could tell in my voice the excitement of landing and finally being in Cali, and his laugh was evident that he knew that.

I have a great friend in Fontana. He is associated with Shofar (the Christian group) and is the photographer for Tierra....Mr Paul Ruiz was there waiting at Ontario airport to pick me up. I yelled out his name from the escalator and he was very happy to see I was of him.

We went to eat at Denny's...(of all places) but now I could eat. I spent the rest of my day with him and met his lovely wife Linda.

Friday came and this was the BIG DAY for me to meet the one and only, (and may I say,I'm such a big big fan of this man!)singer Mr Mike Jimenez. This was a dream come true. Paul, Linda and I were at Paul's Kitchen in Monterey Park waiting for Steven and Janie Chavez and Mike Jimenez. As Steven and Janie came in, accompanying them were Mr Chico Manqueros (such a CLASSY MAN) and his Dad, and Shin Miyata of Lowrider Magazine, of Tokyo, Japan. It was nice to meet them all, but everybody knew I was on pins and needles just waiting to meet Mike Jimenez.

All the sudden Paul tells me, "Look outside...that looks like your man, Annette!" I was so happy that I just jumped up from the table and went right over to hug him. First thing I remember telling Mike was "You DO know how big of a fan I am ...right?" He laughed and said "Yes I do". We took pics and all, and Steven gave me a very nice frame of pictures of all the East LA Revue Radio DJ's and I was also included in this. That was a great gift along with the cd's that Mike Jimenez gave to me.

I must say, that I'm so lucky to be associated with people such as Steven and Janie Chavez, Frankie Firme, and Chico Manqueros, and last but not least...Paul and Linda Ruiz. With this group of people, how can someone go wrong?

Saturday was also a big day for me also...for this was the night for the LATIN LEGENDS concert at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. This was the night for me to see Tierra, Malo and War. Wow!...what a line up!

I had VIP pass to go anywhere and to take pics and all...and that I did. I met Rudy and Joanna Salas, Sal Rodriquez, Dale Villavicencio (the conga player of Tierra), Gibby and Gus of Malo, Steve Falomir, Rudy Moreno, Octaviano of Malo, Marcus the conga player of Malo, and so many more that I cant even begin to name them all! I was in heaven being around all these lovely people, great entertainers that I highly support.

Sunday was a challenge for me..for this was the day I drove myself all the way to who knows where...but Moreno Valley. I didn't realize how far this trip would be, but I was bound and determined to get to Chavez Bay. I drove right up to the bay and headed up to the 3rd floor that I got lil' dizzy on my way up. Out comes Steven to welcome me to the lovely Bay.

Steven had made some meatball soup and invited me to some and it was great. We watched a documentary and then headed to the studio to do a show. I was very impressed on what all Steven does in his studio, for now I see what is done behind the scenes and come to understand it even more. This man is gifted with so much talent and may I say that it was my pleasure being there and him sharing all that he did with me. Now I can understand and see how things are done from one extreme to another and how Steven adds his touch to make all this great music on sound so good. He has that magic touch and does it well!!!

I was now off back to West Covina for some Sunday night action. I arrived at THE Crazy Horse, courtesy of Mr. Bruce Soto, to hear 3 groups perform, 6 Hot Live, Impact, and the legendary SOTO. They played one hour each, and just when I was getting in the groove of things, it was over. I wanted to hear more but what can I say, for this was it for live music.

Rico (the silent partner of Tierra) was there, and may I add that he was a perfect gentleman as he escorted me in the club and made sure I was happy and settled down to hear these groups. Three hours of good, live, Chicano music just went by too fast, then, in came the younger generation and that was it for live music action.

After hearing somebody like the great SOTO live, who wants to hear a kid's DJ playing a bunch of hip-hop noise?

Monday I was off to downtown LA, Paul and Linda took me out and about. I bought souvenirs and all for my kids and had some great homemade food downtown. I did get to eat an IN N OUT burger, and now I could care less for another What-a-burger, or Burger King. That was a great fresh!!

After eating mexican food downtown and an In N Out burger that evening...last but not least I met Cory Silva and his wife for a margarita. It was finally time to meet, for I'm Cory's webmaster also. It was my pleasure to meet them, they also fed me. Boy with all this food I felt like a stuffed turkey, but it was all good.
Everybody made sure I ate... and ate well! .

I must add too...that music promoter Rick Ortiz came out and took me out to eat lunch one day at the TASTE OF TEXAS in Covina. Funny how I was telling Rick about everybody on the wall photo gallery there (puro Tejano artists). He said "Wow, you know a lot of people!". Yep...I knew them all!!

Rick, I thank you for being such a gentleman and I must admit, I had fun!!

Finally it was time to pack up and come back home. On my way to the airport Tuesday I get a call from the airlines telling me that my trip was canceled to Dallas due to bad weather. OMG..I had just checked out and didn't know what to do. I called Paul and of course he opened his door to me and I stayed one more night in California.

Although I didn't get to meet him as he was up in Northern California covering the EL CHICANO-SAPO-KOOL KATZ gigs, I did a chance to share a couple of brief phone calls with Frankie Firme, as he also welcomed me to the City of Angels.

God has really put some nice generous people before me and I'm so so blessed to have met everybody that I did . I will never forget this trip, this is memories that I will keep close to my heart.

Once again, I thank you, Mr. Steven & Janie Chavez of the East L.A. Revue Radio Station for all that you did for me. Paul and Linda Ruiz, there are not enough words to say how much I appreciate all that you did and still do for me. Thank you all for taking time out of your schedules to meet me, it was an honor. God Bless you all!

Until we meet again.....The Land of 1000 Dances is in my heart!

...and I WILL be back !!!

Annette Alvarez aka Thee Dallas Homegirl

Pictures are up on mysite from my trip.

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