Merlinmoon's Epic Psychedelic-electro-rock

Stoned by Dreams perfect for performing in arenas for fans that listen to albums through headphones

By Brenda Camberos
Published on LatinoLA: June 10, 2008

Merlinmoon's Epic Psychedelic-electro-rock

Multi-instrumentalist psychedelic rock artist Merlinmoon releases his debut album, Stoned by Dreams, today on iTunes. The album‘«÷s sound suggests the intersection of the psychedelic rock of the Grateful Dead and Porcupine Tree with a sexy Latin edge. Mastermind Alex Deep, the man behind Merlinmoon, has crafted a work that synthesizes his two loves ‘«Ű the music of 70s rock and electronica and spiritually-based philosophy ‘«Ű into a cohesive whole that echoes the best aspects of his influences.

After moving to Los Angeles following the completion of his first EP, Poppy Dreams, Merlinmoon commenced work on his full-length debut with accomplished producer Ronan Chris Murphy. The result is the epic Stoned By Dreams, which mines the stars for inspiration. The music is psychedelic-electro-rock to be performed in arenas for fans that listen to albums through headphones.

The opus of the album, closing track ‘«£Days of Rage Into the Light,‘«ō which clocks in at nearly 20 minutes, is layered deeply with sounds reminiscent of Pink Floyd that are sobered by Merlinmoon‘«÷s philosophy, before an upbeat coda returns the song to a celebratory climax. One can picture Deep as a whirling dervish onstage, hypnotizing the audience into following his path. Elsewhere, Deep showcases his songwriting versatility ‘«Ű tracks such as ‘«£If I Could Be the Wind,‘«ō ‘«£Fall Into Place,‘«ō and ‘«£Under Next Year‘«÷s Sun‘«ō deal with love and loss with traditional song structure. The themes may be familiar to fans of classic rock, but the direction that Merlinmoon takes the songs is more cerebral. He wants you to listen to the philosophy in his lyrics as well as the guitar solos and lush instrumentation that round out the music, all of which is always recorded in analog on vintage gear to capture the magic of ‘«÷70s rock.

‘«£This record has a great equilibrium between my philosophy and my life,‘«ō says Deep. ‘«£I know what I want to listen to in a record, and I don‘«÷t want the record to be talking about the same thing because it would be like a day without a night.‘«ō

Merlinmoon is already in pre-production for a sophomore effort; explains Deep, ‘«£I have so much energy that I can‘«÷t stop writing.‘«ō The band will be touring the record, with dates to be announced soon. With Stoned by Dreams, Merlinmoon welcomes you to come along and experience his adventure of epic psychedelic tunes with melodies that inspire in a whole new way.

www.myspace.com/merlinmoon or www.merlinmoon.com

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