Hollywood ... Se Habla Espa??ol

World-renowned Latino actors and the Hispanic Hollywood Hall of Fame featured in new book

Published on LatinoLA: June 13, 2008

Hollywood ... Se Habla Espa??ol

Latino entertainment industry veteran and filmmaker, Rafael J. Rivera-Viruet, and seasoned journalist and writer Max Resto have teamed-up to write a high-end, coffee table book titled "HOLLYWOOD...Se Habla Espa??ol".

The result of more than twenty-five years of research, "HOLLYWOOD...Se Habla Espa??ol is a celebration of the Latino presence. This one hundred and fifty-page printed extravaganza features over 200 photos and illustrations in Hollywood‘«÷s first class tradition. Compelling vignettes highlight the careers of more than 40 Latino film luminaries of the past 100 years, all of them inducted into the Hispanic Hollywood Hall of Fame created by the authors.

International Latino film and television star, Ricardo Montalb?Ūn, who wrote the book‘«÷s preface, says: ‘«£HOLLYWOOD...Se Habla Espa??ol is entertaining, informative and makes us proud of our heritage. It‘«÷s not just a book, it is an event!‘«ō

From the ‘«£Latin lover‘«ō to the infamous ‘«£Greaser‘«ō, Rivera-Viruet and Resto pay tribute to the presence, lives and accomplishments of Latino actors all the way back to the silent era and up to today‘«÷s blockbuster phenomena.

Rivera-Viruet says ‘«£this book was a labor of love and my desire to create positive images in an industry that sometimes makes us invisible. Readers will be enlightened to discover information that will surprise them and hopefully will pass it on for generations to come.‘«ō

‘«£The privilege of collaborating in this document gave me the opportunity not only to indulge in the exploration of an art form that I revere and feel passionate about, but to also work alongside two living treasures of the Latino experience in Hollywood: Mr. Ricardo Montalb?Ūn, with a starring role, and my dear friend Rafael, a man who knows what really goes on behind the scenes,‘«ō says co-author Max Resto.

Terramax Entertainment, a New York-based multimedia content company, is the publisher. Selected excerpts from this Deluxe Limited Edition can be seen only at www.terramax.biz/tropical.htm. Specially numbered copies signed by the authors have been made available for high-end book collectors.

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