News From the Brown Side of Town

Susie Hansen, Pachuco Car Club, The Company Band and much m?ís from the Land of 1000 Dances, 6.27.08

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: June 27, 2008

News From the Brown Side of Town

?í?íOrale, mi Gente!!

The World keeps turning, things are happening, and Summer is officially here!!!

Our guys & gals are still slugging it out in the middle east, gas is slowly approaching $5.00 a gallon, there are floods & tornadoes in the central U.S., typhoons and earthquakes happening in Asia, the average temperature in L.A. for June has been around 100 degrees, "American Idol" is FINALLY over, L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is now doing Gay weddings on the side, and thankfully ... there hasn't been a Britney Spears sighting or scandal story in weeks!!!!

And now ... some GOOD news, watcha:

The Grand Opening of Peter Jaramillo's re-modeled Whittier Radisson Hotel's Banner Lounge was a complete success with over 4oo people in attendance. Susie Hansen's "Summer Salsa by the Pool" series opened to a butt-kicking reception of dancing and merry making, while DOWN WITH 3 kept the dance floor packed inside for the cruising, lowriding, and good looking crowd. Nothing's slowing down here! My lady & I had a ball!!! ...and the crowds just keep getting bigger & better! For more info: www.jegrp.com.

and our prayers go out to Peter Jaramillo and family for a speedy recovery for his beloved Mom, who is under the weather at the moment. We're with you, Peter!!

The East L.A. Revue Radio station continues to play the best music, and expand the musical horizon of Gente around the World. The vinyl classics program is really bringing back the salty tears memories of yore with some really classic music. This month's latest addition of guest DJ's includes Charles "CB" Chavez, an honorably-discharged WW II U.S. Marine who presents Tommy Dorsey's famed "Yes Indeed" album of 1956. Put this puppy on and let it fly, brothers!! <a href="http://www.eastLArevue.com">www.eastLArevue.com</a>.

Of course, the usual suspects like Frankie Firme, Chico Manqueros, Crazy Chuy Hernandez, Mr. O.G., La Sk8er, Do??a Pancha, Rocky Padilla, El Chino, DJ Velez, Ray Ramos Jr., Ray & Josie Ramos, Carlos y Pancho "El Sancho", and El Beto Man bring on the Brown sounds of Aztlan, heard coast to coast & around the World. WE highly recommend you check out the music that you probably have never heard during your lifetime.while you're still enjoying your lifetime!!

The East L.A. Revue recently joined forces with San Fernando's PACHUCO CAR CLUB and the PREMIERE CAR CLUB and put on a car show & music show at the San Fernando Mission's Brand Park that benefited the MARCH OF DIMES. Despite 110 degree weather, the lowriding faithful fell out under some shade to enjoy live music by singers JOHNNY HERNANDEZ, PEPE MARQUEZ, ANTHONY PRIETO, the Flight 19 Band, Big Ben and the San Fernando Local Home-Boy Boogie Band, and the Out For Fun Band. Sound & DJ action was provided by East L.A. Revue Radio's Frankie Firme and Mr. O.G., with the crew from Sonic Entertainment Co. A big thanks to the PACHUCO Car Club for also putting out a great bar-b-q lunch for the masses. For more info: <a href="http://www.pachucocarclub.com">www.pachucocarclub.com</a>.

San Fernando's THE COMPANY Band has finally released their new CD "CO-2", which features guest stars Sal Rodriguez of WAR, "Chile" Ortega of SANGRIA, and former TIERRA lead singer Issac Avila, among others. Premiering exclusively on East L.A. Revue Radio and Chicano Express Radio this week, this CD is an outstanding compilation of 16 dance-love-party music tunes that will surely become a classic in everybody's collection. Featuring the "Diamond of the Valley", lead singer Becky Cordova, who cuts her Spanish language singing tooth on a beautiful rendition of Gloria Estefan's "A los a??os que me quiedan", this is one of the COMPANY's best efforts in a long musical career, proving why they remain the reigning monarchs of the San Fernando Valley Chicano music scene. For more info: <a href="http://www.thecompanyband-tcb.com">www.thecompanyband-tcb.com</a> or e-mail <A HREF="mailto:thecompanyband04@yahoo.com">thecompanyband04@yahoo.com</A>.

LatinoLA's very own Abelardo de la Pena Jr., board member of the Mexican Cultural Institute Art Gallery on L.A.'s historic Olvera Street, organized a great show last Saturday at the Super S?íbado Art Show that offered quality books, posters and art work reflecting the proud Mexican heritage and history that many of us share. Featuring Joe Bravo's "Traveling Museum of Tortilla Art" (impressive when you see artwork on 3-foot wide tortillas!), the show was well attended on a sweltering L.A. afternoon, where the RAZA congregates in downtown L.A. for art, food, music, cultura, and to rub elbows con la Gente. I had a great time, even if I sweated a bit, it was worth it! The colors, the sounds, the aromas, the sights, and the laughter of happy Brown children and their families is always a slice of heaven to me!
For more info: <a href="http://www.myspace.com/mexicanculturalinstitute">MySpace</a>or e-mail <A HREF="mailto:MexicanCulturalInstitute@gmail.com">MexicanCulturalInstitute@gmail.com</A> .

It truly is, a Brown thing, baby!!!!

East L.A. Revue Radio, the PACHUCO Car Club, LatinoLA, G & R Entertainment, Coca-Cola, and Frito-Lay join forces with the Kidney Quest Foundation of San Fernando Valley for their first annual Custom Car & Bike Show at the Disabled American Veteran's Lodge in Woodland Hills, Saturday, July 19th, starting at 10:00 am. There will be food, vendors, sno-cones, drinks, music, and souvenirs available, a waterslide & jumper for the kids along with games & activities, a custom car & bike show featuring some of Southern California's best in custom rides, both 2 & 4 wheels, live entertainment by comedian JEFF GARCIA, Little JESSE & The BLUES DELUXE Band, The COMPANY Band, singers PEPE MARQUEZ and ANTHONY PRIETO, and the all-time Chicano favorites, TIERRA. Live DJ action provided by DJ Danny Reyes and DJ Boom, with MC's FRANKIE FIRME, "BLINKY" RODRIGUEZ, and BOBBY ARIAS. It's going to be one heck of a party, show, and good time for the whole family !!

For more info: Carol Urquidez @ 818-521-6348 or Bennie Najar Jr. @ 818-599-2719. <a href="http://www.kidneysquestfoundation.org">www.kidneysquestfoundation.org</a> or <a href="http://www.pachucocarclub.com">www.pachucocarclub.com</a>

The COMPANY Band and PEPE MARQUEZ kick out and perform live at the Flower Festival in Lompoc , California this Saturday & Sunday. For more info: <a href="http://www.pepemarquez.com">www.pepemarquez.com</a>, and <a href="http://www.thecompanyband-tcb.com">www.thecompanyband-tcb.com</a>

East L.A. Revue/Chicano Express Radio's Frankie Firme will be a guest DJ on <a href="http://www.rockinradio.com">www.rockinradio.com</a> the month of July with Randy T. and his crew, bringing you a special East Side Sound Oldies show. Check it out ~ "The best Oldies you NEVER heard!" ~ <a href="http://www.rockinradio.com">www.rockinradio.com</a>

East L.A. Revue Radio hooks up with Memory Lane Concert Cruises and brings you the greatest floating West Coast Doo Wop cruise/concert/party of all time starting APRIL 19th to the 26th 2009. Featuring the CALVANES, ROBINS, NATIVE BOYS, SHIRLEY GUNTER, APOLLOS, BLOSSOMS, JAGUARS, PREMIERS, LITTLE CESAR & THE ROMANS, TURKS, TONY ALLEN, RENAISSANCE, and the CHICO BAND. This "Back to the 50's Doo Wop Cruise" has reunited some of the greatest names in West Coast DooWop history, who ruled the music world from 1952 to 1963. Not for the kiddies or the rap, techno, banda, salsa, disco, or hip-hop generation for sure, this cruise will include non-stop music & several performances throughout the afternoons & evenings, non-stop cocktail & dance parties, a meet & greet session, non-stop delicious gourmet food, and a pampered luxurious atmosphere aboard the new breathtaking Carnival Cruise's SPLENDOR! The cruise leaves L.A.'s San Pedro harbor and will be visiting Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas. Cabins start at $799.00 per person, and NO PASSPORT IS REQUIRED! Be a part of history , don't miss the boat!!
7 days & nights on the high seas on a luxury liner with some of the greatest music of all time!!!!!!

For more info: <A HREF="mailto:stevenchavez68@hotmail.com">stevenchavez68@hotmail.com</A> or go to <a href="http://www.MLCCRUISES.com">www.MLCCRUISES.com</a>

Chicano Music happenings throughout the Southwest can be tracked down on <a href="http://www.Calimusica.com">www.Calimusica.com</a>.


~ Has anybody seen Aaron Ballesteros and APB lately?? Rumors have them doing the cruise ship circuit .

~ A unique, traveling Latino music museum show called "American Sabor", currently at Seattle's Experience Music Project, will be making the rounds soon.

~ Chicano Express Radio of Texas is now taking live call-ins for upcoming Chicano Music bands that just can't break into the mainstream ~ <A HREF="mailto:CrazyChuy@ChicanoExpress.com ">CrazyChuy@ChicanoExpress.com </A>

~ Since retiring, BLUES STRAIGHT UP band leader "Big Mike" Rincon states "it's on" whenever anybody wants to hear the finest Chicano Blues band on the planet. <a href="http://www.bluesstraightup.com">www.bluesstraightup.com</a>

~ Johnny Hernandez has written a screenplay that "Holds Nothing Back" about his many years and experiences in the Chicano music industry starting off with his time with Little Joe & the Latinnaires/Familia bands up to nowhmmmm..

Well, that's it for now, Mi Gente. Keep logged onto <a href="http://www.LatinoLA.com">LatinoLA.com</a> and <a href="http://www.eastLArevue.com">eastLArevue.com</a>

For the best & latest in news, music, culturaand other stuff.

Pray for our troops overseas, respect our women, protect & educate our children, and maintain the Chicanada even during these hard times!

Ay te watcho, from The Land of 1000 Dances!

Frankie Firme

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