The Truth Behind Closed Doors

Empire is one of 2002's best films

By Humberto Meza
Published on LatinoLA: January 4, 2003

The Truth Behind Closed Doors

One of my favorite films this year was "Empire". It exhibits trials, tribulations, triumph, fear, hate, love, and success, all in one package delivered and
wrapped to us like a gift without a sugar-coat!

John Leguizamo like we've never seen him before! Interesting how we can talk about how funny he is but do we ever get a chance to talk about him on how
serious he can be?

Critics have said that Empire is an uninspired gangster movie that plays like a modern-day retelling of superior crime films such as Scarface and Carlito?s
Way. The problem Empire has, they say is that it lacks the craft and intelligence of both De Palma movies.

First time writer-director Franc Reyes seems more intent on illustrating the daily violence in a drug-lord's life than tending to his plot's rationality. And while the filmmaker succeeds in depicting the grittiness of the South Bronx, when it
comes to sensible storylines, his debut film suffers.

I disagree! Reyes depicts the truth of what really goes on behind closed doors! It's not a gangster movie....It's a movie about a man who struggles to find himself and a new life.

Empore made me realize one thing as it took me into a whirlwind trance.......That no matter who or what you are, destiny can be changed. If you want it to!

I urge everyone to see this amazing film. Not for my sake but for our future Latinos' sake.

May there be more of these in the years to come!

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