The Tortilla Factory

The legendary Chicano-Tejano band makes a comeback

Published on LatinoLA: August 12, 2008

The Tortilla Factory

In the early 70s, one of the most unique Texas bands emerged on the music scene: The Tortilla Factory, formerly known as La Familia.

The Texas Chicano music scene, or La Onda ("The Happening") is a true American art form born and developed in Texas. The Texas music genre is renowned for its country roots, rhythm and blues field, jazz and its rock and roll genres with snappy Spanish language lyrics.

The Texas Chicano music scene has produced its own distinctive artists, big stars like Sunny Ozuna and the Sunliners, Sam the Sham, and the unforgettable Trini Lopez. Little Joe and La Familia are a Texas icon among the many notable Texas Chicano groups.

Tortilla Factory is one of those Texas groups that has been known for its legendary status since its inception on June 1973. Tortilla Factory has been able to maintain and enjoy a musical status and following like no other band in their field because of its powerful unique sound and style. The band has distinguished itself for having some of the best musicians in the genre, and is noted to be at the top of their field.

Tortilla's music is a blend of American music and the old Mexican folkloric songs [Rancheras] that were taken and given a completely new & different sound and style, which is the unique Tejano-Chicano sound enjoyed today. That's what makes Tortilla Factory so distinctive. Tony "Ham" Guerrero's son Alfredo Antonio, who is new on the scene with Tortilla, is also a gifted singer and composer in his own right, and is the new super talent on the scene.

Tony "Ham" Guerrero, a gifted & multi talented trumpet player, singer, and musical director along with Bobby "El Charro Negro" Butler (cousin to the great Classic R&B/Soul singer Jerry Butler) are the two charter members (pictured) that have recently been inducted in the Tejano Roots Hall of Fame in Alice, Texas. "Ham" is also recognized as one of the pioneers of Texas music at the West Texas Hall Of Fame in Fort Worth, Texas.

Bobby is one of the most unique performers from the Texas Chicano music scene as he is the first African American singer to become an international star in this genre. He sings in Spanish and English and is also a gifted composer. He has had several recordings that became big hits with his fans from coast to coast. His stage apparel includes his beautiful Mariachi and Charro suits that are tailor made for him, and can electrify any crowd with his riveting Mexican gritos.

Tortilla Factory will begin touring nationwide again in 2008. Visit www.tonyhamguerrero.com to find out where their appearances will be.

The New Tortilla Factory [album] CD "All That Jazz" is an extension of the already established act that remains true to itself. Originality is prevalent throughout the entire new recordings so we are not changing our sound,style, or sophistication.......we have brought the contemporary arranging and sound to a band already known for it's Texas Chicano Homeland sound and it's versatility. That has been one our most outstanding qualities and traits and in this new recording you will find R&B, Rancheras, Salsa, Latin Rock, a Ballad, and Charro Negro singing his Hits that have become standards in the Industry.

Charro and Alfredo are the new and the established front line for Tortilla Factory. They sound great together in their vocals and harmonies as well as individually. This is the sound of Tortilla Factory that will live forever.

Our music is being taught and analyzed at some major Universities and at the prestigious Berklee School of music in Boston. La Malague??a and Las Nubes are being taught in theory classes. For those of you that don't know, The Latinnaires became La Familia who then became Tortilla Factory, so a whole slew of historical Tejano music is now at your fingertips.

This is a great time for us because we have recorded another [album] CD that will take you back in time and also remind you that Tortilla continues to explore and to understand the everchanging styles of the contemporary and volatile Music Industry.

We truly hope you take another look, and support the return of Tortilla Factory.

Mil Gracias, y ?í?íVIVA LA ONDA!!


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