Are You Up for El Quickie?

A musician's proposition: To get as creative as possible in a limited amount of time and have lots of fun in the process

By Giovanny Blanco
Published on LatinoLA: August 18, 2008

Are You Up for El Quickie?

I've started a documentary about being a struggling musician above the age of 30. (a topic i know too well).

One half of the doc will be to interview as many people and show how and why they do it, what keeps them going and their lives away from music (family, day jobs, etc). People on both sides of the coin: very successful and somewhat successful.

It's just a personal quest of mine to figure out why I can't stop.

The other half of the doc is to document the actual lifespan of a new band (finding members, writing songs, naming the band, recording a CD, making a video, building a fanbase, etc) but instead of following a band for long period of time (say 6 months to 3 years...) it will only be less than two months. (starting JULY 29th) I'm putting together a brand new band of strangers and have them go through all the steps of being in a band culminating in a huge local show in which the band breaks up afterwards.

That's right. All of that in less than two months. I already booked the show for Sep 27th. It's the only way I'd get off my ass to do this.

With this documentary I hope to reflect the following:
The state of the music business today.
What it's like for up and coming acts.
What it's like for musicians over 30 still doing it.
What is the deal with Latin Alternative? (sidebar)
How music affects us all.
And I'll find more issues along the way, I'm sure.

We are so far a singer - Giovanny Blanco (SHU-SHO, Spigga, Viva Malpache, LATV), guitar - Jose Morales (NO WAY JOSE, Torino) and bass - Moises "Viralata" Baquiero (Los Abandoned, Bayu, Satelite) and we're looking for drums, keys, back up singers (or any other musicians for that matter) that can write some songs with me or at least learn them fairly quickly.

I want to play with some musicians in the Los Angeles area that might find themselves in the same boat as me: mid-30's, other band, day job, kids, etc.

Basically, I'm too busy to do anything full time and I don't want to do anything too casual like get together occasionally to jam. I don't want to commit to a long term band but I want to be involved with something exciting that will be challenging and fun.

So this is the crazy idea.

I just booked a show less than two months from now at a mid-sized club in the L.A. area. On Sat Sep 27th to be exact.

I booked a show without a band, without any songs, without any fans. I know the promoters and they're up for this with me.

So, in the span of two months this needs to happen:
1. Get a songwriting partner and come up with a album's worth of material (10-16 songs).
2. Fill out the band with other players.
3. Come up with a name, style and direction.
4. Learn the material.
5. Record the songs.
6. Get an online presence (MySpace, Facebook, etc) and build a fan base as quickly as possible.
7. Shoot a video.
8. Promote the hell out of the show.
9. Document every step of the way (video, blog, etc)
10. Play the show to a packed house.
11. Break up immediately after the show.

Insane, huh?

Some would call me a masochist. I just want to go through the average lifespan of a band in a matter of months.

Yes, it is crazy and some would say it's even a waste of time. I wouldn't. I think it's an excellent excuse to get as creative as possible in a limited amount of time and have lots of fun in the process.

What kind of music would we play? I only have one requirement: It needs to make people move. Something fresh, a good mix of Rock and Soul but not formulaic. Catchy and danceable, heavy and fast...good times, y'all good times. If it's Latin-influenced in anyway (language, style, rhythms), even better.

YOU: over 30, male or female, with the ability to work with others and come up with material collectively in a very short amount of time.

It doesn't stop at MUSICIANS....we need other people too, filmmakers, internet promotion freaks, street teams, superfans, etc!

Are you up for the challenge? The clock is ticking.

THIS IS FOR REAL. Don't read this and save it for later. When you see it happening later you'll kick yourself for not trying.

Send me links to music and tell me why you would like to do this and I'll send you more info (music, pics, etc.)

It is now after midnight on Tuesday July 29th...less than two months away.

Let's do this.

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