Who is Messier: Men or Women?

Let the debate begin!

By Lisa Zion, contributing writer
Published on LatinoLA: August 21, 2008

Who is Messier:  Men or Women?

It all began simple enough, I was working on a project and the computer needed an install of a software program. I asked my hubby where the disc was because it is his computer. And there began the problem.

Now, I'm a pretty organized person. In fact, I'm like Felix and he's like Oscar. Remember that television series, the Odd Couple? Well, that's us except I'm female. Anyway, I'm very organized. You can walk into my closet and everything is hung up neatly and color coordinated. This way, if I want a blue shirt, I know just where to look.

Oscar on the other hand, will wear a shirt, take it off and hang it back in his closet. Eww! Drives me nuts. But I don't say anything because when you're married as long as we have been, you learn when to pick your battles.

So, of course I ask him where the installation disc is. And of course, he doesn't know. So I start looking for it. And I look, and I look and I can't find it! Big surprise.

Now, to be fair, he calls me a pack rat because I don't like to throw things away because I may need them later. But, I am an organized pack rat. You ask me where something is, and I'll go get it. But his stuff, yikes! He says there is a method to his madness.

I know guys need their space so when we purchased our new home last year; he has an entire room that's his. How many of you guys can say that you get the entire garage and your very own room? The trade off was I get the extra guest bedroom and I get to decorate it anyway I choose. I had a wonderful time shopping for new matching furniture, cute bedding, etc. Love it!

But his room looks like a tornado was in there. And he always comes out of the room scratching his head and tells me he can't find anything. I've tried offering little bits of wisdom on how he can get and stay organized, but to no avail.

I know that we women have our quirks too, we're not perfect. For me, I'd rather spend the day at Staples than at a shoe store. My hubby thinks I'm weird but I just love spending the day at a store that helps me get even more organized. Love Staples!

So, I give up. I'll probably find the disc in December when I'm looking for something else. Wait, isn't there a patron saint for helping to find lost objects? I think it is St. Anthony. If I'm wrong, please let me know. I need all the help I can get.

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