How Cuba Will Determine the 2008 Election

Whether you are pro-Cuba or anti-Cuba, the debate may continue for centuries

By Luis Moro
Published on LatinoLA: August 26, 2008

How Cuba Will Determine the 2008 Election

One thing is certain. The nearly fifty-year-old U.S. Embargo on Cuba has not worked, does not work and will not work. In stating so, we are not acknowledging, supporting or condoning Cuba's current government.

We are saying it's time for some of America's voters, politicians and media to evolve with Cuba. Perhaps more than any other issue, it could be said: How politicians act and vote towards the five-decade-old failed U.S. policies with Cuba is a clear reflection on their character.

We are saying that continuing the anti-Cuba embargo policies is a clear reflection of a person's character. Whether running for President of the United States, Senate, Congress or any government leadership position, a person should demonstrated the ability to change course, try new directions and see different points of view. Especially if the policy they supported has failed for fifty years.

The anti-Cuba politicians, lobby and community is a small percentage of all populations, including the Cuban population itself. Yet the anti-Cuba movement has controlled the presidency of the United States and both political houses, including this election's Republican candidate John McCain for nearly fifty years. John McCain is anti-Cuba, while Barack Obama is pro-Cuba.

Why would any politician, business person and human continue enforcing on themselves, and worse, on others, a failed Cuba policy that the majority of people in America, the world and mostly the island of Cuba itself do not want? See the Election 08 FREE CUBA FILM SERIES and you will find out.

Then it's up to you to decide when you cast your vote on "Election Moment", if you are voting for character.

Election moment is the truest moment in any election when you, the voter stand there in the privacy of your own mind right before you vote. Only you will know if you cast a vote for character, and only you can determine the issues that reflect a person's character. Cuba is one of those clear character issues.

Election 08 FREE CUBA FILM SERIES, is committed to bring the real Cuba to America. We've selected three diverse films that provide audiences with a modern day love story set in Havana, Cuba. A film that gives you a glimpse into the future with the childhood version of The Buena Vista Club, and lastly, an impacting documentary that brings to life, the hidden true history of Cuban terrorism, the U.S. politicians directly related to Fidel Castro who continued to mastermind the anti-Cuba movement in the U.S. and the political families who continue to enforce their historically failed policies against Cuba on the world through violence, economics and political warfare.

Will you vote for a person who is pro-Cuba and promises to create a powerful future for America uniting the world?

Or will you vote for a person who is anti-Cuba and promises to bend history to make sure America stays the current course isolating the world.

Only you will know on your "Election Moment."

About Luis Moro:
Writer, filmmaker, Cuban American actor and comedian.
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