True Change

Senator McCain's actions versus Obama's words

By Anonymous
Published on LatinoLA: August 26, 2008

True Change

As the Democratic National Convention starts this week, I find myself ever proud of being a John McCain supporter. Many are surprised that a young, educated Latino would reject the "hip" Obama intelligentsia, but when I look at Senator McCain's record versus Obama's, I know that I am making the right choice.

If anyone were ever interested in change, they would see that Senator McCain is the candidate to bring this to the White House. He has been the leading voice for reform in Washington, while Senator Obama has been the one to maintain the status quo. I look at Mr. Obama's record and I am shocked by the amount of spending he has supported for his interests, just like any other business-as-usual politician.

Frankly, Obama is not a change agent; he's simply a political opportunist looking for anything to get him to the top. All one has to do is look back at Obama's rise to the Illinois Senate and see that he eliminated Alice Palmer, and other Democrat opponents, by challenging the petition signatures to put them on the ballot. This is ironic because it happened while he advocated for voter registration rights in poor communities.

This hypocrisy along with the lack of experience is why both Democrats and Independents rightly feel suspicious of Obama's words. The result has been mind blowing. Never before have I seen so much cross-party support for a candidate like I have for Senator McCain. Just look at the number of Democrats and Independents that have joined Senator Lieberman in support for McCain.

The reason is simple; McCain offers experience, strength, and sincerity, while Obama represents vague offerings for policy. This is not what we need in a time when crucial problems afflict the Latino community and America in general.

Most concerning is Senator Obama's recent reaction to Russia's invasion of Georgia. While the tanks were rolling through Georgia's streets, Obama withdrew from his promises to collaborate with the world in time of crisis. Contrast that with Senator McCain's reaction, and we saw a man react like a President. He stood up against Russia's aggression and vowed support for NATO. Once again, where was Obama?

All I can say is that we need a President that will represent the interests of our country. We need a Commander-in-Chief that does not need to rely on his Vice President for foreign policy advice to take a stance. We need a leader that will empower the Latino community through economic policies that create growth, not dependence on a welfare state. The man to do this is Senator John McCain. I hope we keep ourselves informed and not allow the audacity of narcissism draw us into dependence and vulnerability.

About Anonymous:
Anonymous is an MPA candidate at USC, with a passion for national politics and International policy. He has worked at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the Organization of American States.

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