Worst Experience in Hollywood: Sky Bar at the Mondrian Hotel

This was the most ridiculous place I've been to

Published on LatinoLA: August 25, 2008

Worst Experience in Hollywood: Sky Bar at the Mondrian Hotel

My brother and his fianc?® came down to LA from Ohio for a weekend visit. They wanted to go to a nice Hollywood hot spot. I personally go to Hollywood every weekend with my friends. We have been to almost all of the hot spots in Hollywood.

The reason I didn't say "been to ALL hotspots" is because we have a few favorite spots that we usually go to every weekend, and so I've never been to Sky Bar. My other brother was there before and recommended for us to go there.

We go there early, at around 8 pm. We were just lounging around, conversating and looking at the beautiful views. We all were laughing, talking, taking pictures, just having a great time. Now I admit we were a little loud. Then at 11:30pm we ordered our FIRST, I repeat, OUR FIRST round of drinks.

After the drinks, my female cousin and I were walking down the stairs to go the restroom. As we were walking another Sky Bar patron accidentally bumped into me, causing my glasses to drop. My cousin bent down and picked up the glasses for me. As soon as she did that a SkyBar security came up to us and said "You guys are too intoxicated, and I would have to ask you to leave" I was like "WHAT? I only had one drink" and I explained what had just happened and his reply was, "I don't give a F***, we have the right to kick anyone out."

Then he violently grabbed me and my cousin and kicked us out of SkyBar. Then the manager came out to talk to us. She was even ruder than the security. She said that she was observing us the whole night and that we were intoxicated. I told her that if she did "OBSERVE" us the whole night then she should know how many drinks we had. WE HAD ONLY ONE!!!

She then said "I saw your group with that African lady and you did look intoxicated." Then I replied, "Who the hell is African? Just because she's black she's automatically AFRICAN?? She's American, you A**hole!"

Then, she just shook her head and walked away.

This was the most ridiculous place I've been to. If you're not white, DONT GO THERE

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