News From the Brown Side of Town, 9.1.08

A news quickie from the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: September 1, 2008

News From the Brown Side of Town, 9.1.08

?ŪHijo su! If it wasn't for funny stuff, real news, and music stuff, there wouldn't be a lot of interesting reading in the Land of 1000 Dances, know what I mean?

Some people are lucky, and some aren't. Some news is sad, and some isn't. Some people do funny stuff, and some do goofy stuff that makes me scratch my head and think, "What the hell were they thinking?"‘«™ between the "awwws", "oohs", real news, and gut busting laughter, the LatinoLA/East L.A. Revue road dogs are having a field day calling in the action .

Thanks to ladies (bless their hearts!), who always give an interesting opinion and point of view whenever they give us the 411‘«™I thank you for your time!

Let me try to serve it up like a good taco or caldo‘«™mixed well con sabor‘«™watcha:

People are still talking about the Tia Chucha's Celebration of Community & Cultura Fundraiser last month at the Hollywood Ford Amphitheatre . Questions about CHARLES WRIGHT & the WATTS 103rd St RHYTHM BAND and UPGROUND are still coming in, as well as when the next TIA CHUCHA event will be coming around. For more info, check out: www.tiachucha.comt.

Recently, some pendejo shot up a little kid's 9 and 10 year old football game at Reseda Park, thinking he had some gang action going on. He was wrong, and a father of one of the players sadly and unexpectedly lost his life‘«™.what are these pendejos who think they're gang members thinking? Our prayers go out to the young man's family‘«™.and a mournful community. Let's keep the peace and teach our children well!

After some hot music action in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley this summer, Santa Barbara's PEPE MARQUEZ and the LATIN SOUL REVUE Band were invited to perform in Tuscon, Arizona, to represent the West Coast at the Diamond Desert Casino for an enthusiastic crowd of about 600 or more. Reports are that it was a straight out party! That Pepe‘«™he's a mover!!
For more info on Pepe & the band: www.pepemarquez.comt.

Sadly, we regret to inform that Mr. Charles "CB" Chavez, a decorated WW II Marine, and the beloved father of East L.A. Revue's Steven Chavez, passed away this week after a battle with cancer. May he rest in peace, SEMPER FI and thank you for serving our country, Mr. Chavez,..and may GOD bring peace to your familia during this difficult time. Condolences can be sent to: stevenchavez68@hotmail.com.

The L.A. Rhythm Kings came out of a brief hiatus and rocked San Fernando's Ceasar Chavez Park a couple weekends ago, celebrating summer and the long awaited opening of the San Fernando Aquatic Center, a definite jewel of community & civic pride in the heart of San Fernando. With special guest Victor Cisneros of TIERRA, the Rhythm Kings gave up a great performance of Oldies and classic R & B for an appreciative crowd of families in the setting sun. I really enjoyed their music on this day!

Talk about a pendejado bust!!...recently a bunch of L.A. County DCFS social workers were caught red-handed ripping the county off with questionable vehicle damage claims totaling over $1.1 million, that puts the L.A. City's Rocky Delgadillo & wife episode earlier this year in the minor leagues! Man! What were they thinking?

Despite having only one original founding member left (saxophonist LARRY RENDON), East L.A.'s legendary THEE MIDNITERS continue to perform around L.A. with new members like singer Greg Esparza, drummer extraordinaire Aaron Ballesteros, legendary L.A. horn men Bobby Loya & Bobby Navarrette, along with long time bassist Jimmy Espinosa. They appeared las Saturday at the Santa Fe Springs Swap meet and CHICO, featuring Ms Bertha Oropeza took the stage on Sunday. For more info: www.santafespringsswapmeet.net.

As the national housing crisis continuous, foreclosures across the country have surpassed the 1 million mark, and hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs, with gas just slowly beginning to drop down while milk, eggs, and tortillas haven't, there are some shrewd (or REALLY stupid) real estate marketers advertising homes for sale at 30% below cost for buyers with "good credit"‘«™.I mean, after all the struggling to stay afloat, and businesses filing bankruptcy at a historical rate, who the hell has good credit anymore except the rich and well to do?....

‘«™.seems only John McCain can afford to buy a house nowadays‘«™ha!

And hey!‘«™"trip" on this‘«™California Attorney General Jerry Brown (the last successful Democratic Governor in California's history) announced new guidelines for medical marijuana clinics intended to clarify the vague laws that the Federal Government have been using to rip off the state of California for their stash‘«™.I've always wondered what the federal raiding agents do with all that pot and cash they seize‘«™.hopefully, the raids will cease, and federal agents will just have to buy their own like everybody else!.

The Sounds of Whittier Blvd concert at the Pico Rivera sports arena reportedly went off well, despite some minor sound problems. TIERRA, RUFUS, EL CHICANO, BRENTON WOOD, and THEE MIDNITERS gave it their best for an enthusiastic crowd.

The Pico Rivera Sports Arena announced that EARTH, WIND, and FIRE will soon be appearing in the SGV, so stayed logged onto LatinoLA.com for more 411 as it becomes available.

Grammy Award winner Bob Gallarza and legendary horn man Tony "Ham" Guerrero, both from the great state of Texas, have new music CD's coming out this summer. Bob Gallarza has produced a beautiful and original idea of sweet Christian Music in classic Tejano big band style that REALLY impressed listeners when it debuted on Crazy Chuy Hernandez's CHICANO EXPRESS radio show last month featuring Gabriel Olvera. For more info, write to: CrazyChuy@ChicanoExpress.com
or log onto: www.bobgallarza.com.

Ham Guerrero, along with Bobby "El Charro Negro" Butler recently completed a new TORTILLA FACTORY Cd featuring Alfredo Guerrero, that is as sweet a Classic Tejano Music tribute as you ever want to hear! For more info: www.tonyhamguerrero.com.

Dumb as a termite in a steel factory department:
* A security guard hired by the Department of Homeland Security to stand watch at a social security office in Van Nuys , California, recently made headlines across the country when he ordered a lady to leave the office or risk being arrested because she wore a t-shirt that named an educational and resource website for gay women. The guard was loud, rude, and aggressive, stating that her t-shirt, which simply read "Lesbian.com" was offensive and violated Federal law ‘«™and this coming from a hired federal guard from the Department of Homeland Security‘«™.WHO hired this pendejo, and what were they thinking?? This is the year 2008‘«™is there any wonder why we question the Government's motives in our world wide affairs?? Sheesh!! For more info on this one, write to: douglas.morino@dailynews.com

The 2008 Annual L.A. County Fair at the Pomona Fairgrounds will feature such heavy hitters as WAR, SMOKEY ROBINSON, the DOOBIE BROTHERS, TOWER OF POWER, and others in concert this summer, admission being the price of ticket to the fair. Food, music, rides, motor cross, contests, and displays will all be available starting September 5th till the 28th. For more info: www.lacountyfair.com .

Orale, ay te watcho, from the Land of 1000 Dances,
Frankie Firme

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone and the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul.
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