Generational Change: A World Awaiting

Former Obama staffer shares views, not only with an L.A. frame, but beyond

By Dianne Segura
Published on LatinoLA: August 30, 2008

Generational Change: A World Awaiting

The anticipation, the whisper-like discussions, or maybe not so secret whisper-moments, somewhat started not only from the beginning, but many knew would surface during the Democratic Presidential Convention in Denver, Colorado.

What was the suppressed anger, as many have quantified as the sentiment in the air in Denver? That, things are changing. By will, by force and with the basics - math.

Such generation torch has being moving, shifting and gaining ground with women like me, including the men that have been alongside. The so-called people of color, both educated, or not, but with demographics on their side that require change among us all.

The question really comes down to, what are you willing to listen to? The voices of the past or the gnawing voice of your future and the future that is storming behind you?

As a primary campaign staffer for Barack Obama, I not only witnessed the sheer will of those willing to work for the right vs. wrong, but how they, within generational lines, saw how the so-called powers that be have outright betrayed not only our intelligence, but our notion of basics.

Those leaders, local Aunts, Mom's, children, business-owners, teachers and ordinary citizens of not only LA, but in south Texas cities like Austin and San Antonio, Oregon and Chicago, all felt the call to action. It never dawned on them that a generational shift was occurring; it only occurred to them that they knew what was right and what was wrong.

And they were inspired enough to give a damn.

They are the voice of you then, of those of you today and the activist wanting, willing and eager to take the torch towards what we know is and what we know the world continues to wait upon.

This generational shift looks like and owns the not only that Mac, but is an expert at that iPhone and iPod, but so prefers text-message/instant message to connecting and really has a new version of multi-tasking, via online methods, "my friends."

So as we await this inspired generational leader to take the helm at the end of the Democratic Convention in Denver Colorado, know that you are not only responsible for running with such generational torch leaders, but are called to be the voice behind their wind, including the whisper behind their potential stumbled steps. We are all to be their best advocates, for they alone remind us and hold what we know we were always all meant to be, including what we are willing to form for the next version of ourselves.

That leadership works to motivate those willing to invent, inspire and bring us all along for continued and inspired success of generations waiting.

Dianne Segura

About Dianne Segura:
Owner of Segue Enterprises, now focused in Sacramento CA, is a noted entrepreneur lauded by U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and LATINAStyle Magazine. She managed national primary presidential campaign efforts for Senator Barack Obama
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