Support a Real Clown for President

So you want change?

By Kinko Da Clown
Published on LatinoLA: August 31, 2008

Support a Real Clown for President

We've been sending wanabee clown after clown to Congress and yes even to the office of the President.

It's time that America sends a real clown to Washington.

If the parole board...urgh....I mean the medical board allows Kinko to leave Atascadero Kinko can make a real difference in America.

I don't think that this will be a problem as Kinko has not had schock therapy in the last 30 days and due to treatment with Thorazine, Kinko hardly ever hears voices in his head.

Kinko proposes the following platform:

1. Housing - You have a right to own a home even if someone else has to pay for it.
If you are losing your home it is not your fault. Although you signed a contract stating that you promised to pay $4000 a month for your home knowing that you only make $2000 a month foreclosures can all be blamed on George W. Bush. He made you buy that home and take loan after loan against it. So we triple the size of the real estate bail out

2. Education - Spend billions and billions of dollars just like George Bush did. Who cares if the children are still dropping out. Who cares if they don't learn a thing. The true political measure of an education plan is how many teachers and their unions vote for your party. Does increased spending increase results? Of course not. California is a great example of this. Our governator has spent over 41 billlion dollars more in the last 5 years. The State budget went up 40% and the high school graduation rate stayed the same. California teachers earn $59,000 to start, tied in 1st place nationally with Connecticut.

3. Unions - Kinko views the unions favorably. They have a wonderful sense of humor. First they support the Employee Free Choice Act. This takes away the right to vote for or against the union using a secret ballot. This way if you vote against joining the union organizers Guido and Carmine now have the Freedom to beat you up. You get a second chance to vote the right way. Through swollen blood shot eyes you take the one hand that they did not break and you vote a resounding yes!!! Look for the Union label!! Isn't freedom wonderful?

4. Energy - We become immediate friends with Hugo Chavez even though we may think he has the morals of a pimp. Since Kinko is going to hire thousands of new teachers to assure their vote we can trade teachers for Petrol. Problem solved. By using our advanced teaching methods we can assure that Venezuelan kids don't pass ours.

5. Immigration. - We contract out our immigration work to the Castro brothers in Cuba. During all previous regimes Cuba had a net inflow of immigrants. Since the Castros took over power no one wants to go to Cuba and 15% of the population has risked becoming shark lunch by leaving. We can also turn over part of the job to the unions as in Mississippi. It was the union that called ICE and ratted out the undocumented workers. Their crime: They refused to join the union,.

6. Native Americans - Kinko believes in honoring our tradition of fair play and justice towards Native Americans. Declare war on them! They still got some lands we could use.

7. Gun Control - Kinko supports the 2nd amendment especially the part of having the right to arm bears.

There you have it. Real Change!!! Forget that clown Obama. Kinko doesn't own 7 homes he lives in a small rubber covered room. It's time to send a real clown to Washington!

About Kinko Da Clown:
KInko is a swell type of guy. Had a few problems and was sent to the Atascadero State Mental Hospital. Parole board to meet soon. Maybe Kinko gets out!
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