Questions Journalists Never Ask, Pt. 2

Mainstream journalism has been remanded to facilitating corporate and governmental messages, rather than questioning

By Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez
Published on LatinoLA: September 1, 2008

Questions Journalists Never Ask, Pt. 2

Most journalists who work for corporate media actually do ask pertinent questions. The problem generally is their inability to follow-up with incisive questions after a politician is non-responsive, deflects a question or outright lies. As such, on questions of war and peace, and other critical issues, mainstream journalism has generally been remanded to facilitating corporate and
governmental messages, rather than questioning them. In response to reader replies, here's part II regarding the questions journalists never ask.

Questions for President Bush: You have stated that invading other nations in the 21st century is not acceptable behavior.

Does this mean that will you be pulling out all U.S. troops from Iraq before you leave office and who will be paying reparations for that illegal war?
You keep threatening Iran regarding their nuclear ambitions; in suggesting a military option, what are you threatening them with?

Question for Sen. John McCain: In every foreign policy crisis, you suggest that the military option is the preferred option. Do you think war with Russia (or Iran) is a realistic option in the 21st century and are you aware of the consequences of such a war?

Question for Sen. Barack Obama: Can the electorate count on you to dismantle the totalitarian apparatus that the current administration has created which has diminished the constitutional rights and privacy of Americans over the past eight years?

Questions for Nancy Pelosi: You recently stated that there is no need for impeachment hearings because the president will be gone in January and because there is no evidence that the president had committed crimes.

Isn't that the purpose of conducting such hearings and isn't there in fact plenty of evidence to suggest that the intelligence was fixed (clearly a crime) to facilitate the war?
Since when does completion of a term in office equate with accountability and justice?

Questions for Lou Dobbs and other anti-immigrants: When has obsessing over one segment of the population while recklessly unleashing law enforcement or the miltary against it ever solved any problem anywhere in the world and when has it not led to prejudice and hostility toward such targeted populations?

Question for the Republican Party and right wing media: If the ideas of the extremist neo-conservative movement have been tried and have utterly ruined the nation these past eight years why should anyone listen to any more of your similar ideas?

Question for the Democratic Party: If 80 percent of the U.S. public thinks the nation is headed in the wrong direction, why are you still afraid of directly confronting the president and the Republicans in Congress?

Question for Ralph Nader: For more than a generation you have represented the interests of "the little guy." However, since 1996, you have become a perennial presidential contender. Can you not find a better way to challenge the establishment candidates than to run for office every four years?

Questions for the mainstream media: When politicians refuse to investigate crimes by their colleagues or government officials, they always say they want to go forward and not look in the rearview mirror.

If the judicial system worked in that manner, could anyone ever be prosecuted, and why do you not take politicians to task whenever they give this response?
Why is Obama, raised by a single mom, considered elite when it is McCain who was born into privilege and married into wealth to the tune of $100 million?
Unlike Sen. Barack Obama, Senator John McCain willingly went along with the unnecessary invasion of Iraq. Knowing that the reasons for war were either false and/or wrong why has the media narrative taken hold that it is Obama who is "not ready" to be president?
Why do you permit the narrative to go unchallenged that only conservatives have "values" and that they stand for low taxes and small government? All people have values and is not the war the
largest tax on the U.S. economy adding to the massive national debt and is not the behemoth Department of Homeland Security (and the bloated Defense Department) the epitome of "big brother" government?
How did the media narrative take hold that it is the Democrats who are responsible for high gasoline prices rather than the oilman Bush administration?

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