Lord, Forgive Me...But I'm Still Brown !

An educated vato speaks out after the conventions

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: September 9, 2008

Lord, Forgive Me...But I'm Still Brown !

Although for years I've stated that I would not publicly endorse any political candidate here on LatinoLA , and would try to stay mellow with my political commentaries, I am frequently being e-mailed with the common question "But what do you think, Frankie?"‘«™

Ayatollah of Rock & Rolla, where are you, my homie? We need your words of wisdom!

Well, besides the woman I share a pillow with, and some very close family and friends, I've never really given much thought about what I think, in regards to influencing other people's thoughts, concerning the strong political climate we're in right now.

Hmmm‘«™let me at least share a few thoughts for those who may be so interested, and I invite you to you throw in a few of your own‘«™and together, maybe they will help you decide what vote shall be cast‘«™.

We have a rich, Republican president that got into office under the most historically brazen fraud ever witnessed in any American presidential election, remember? The deciding votes, misjudged by an election error in a state where his brother (coincidently? Yeah, right!) just happened to be governor, were simply awarded to him, and the country was powerless to stop him, as he arrogantly assumed the presidency of the world's most powerful country, right in our faces, on national TV. ( Michael Moore was pissed, too!)

This president, a rich, spoiled, "C" average, college party student who's daddy just happened to be the head of the CIA before he became president, was simply allowed to walk away from military duty during the Viet Nam War, with no serious questions ever asked.

Now, the fact that other men who've done the same thing around the same time have had their entire lives ruined by the Federal Government as a result of this heinous act, which has never been addressed by this president, and has never been brought up as he sent a new generation into harm's way. Hmmm‘«™‘«™.double standard?

Under this president, we've gotten into the most expensive war in our history under false pretenses, have lost over 4,000 of America's best young men and women, with another estimated 10 to 15 thousand crippled, maimed, scarred, and disfigured for life, as he and his vice president and friends have enriched themselves beyond belief, while the country has gone into another depression (yes, DEPRESSION, let's face it!), with the price of gas, homes, food, healthcare, and education turning the average citizen against each other in desperation, as they scrape to survive. (pretty good move if you're rich and own one of these domains though, huh? least you got YOURS!)

As if to add insult to injury, and continue to scoff in our face the manipulation of democracy, this president somehow got re-elected. Never mind that most of his first cabinet quit on him in disgust, and his vice president supposedly "accidently" shot a political opponent in broad daylight during a supposed hunting trip and never got arrested. These two guys were a surprise shoe-in. Hmmm‘«™..what money can buy you nowadays, huh?

Maybe people liked the idea of electing a captain of the Titanic, or maybe even drooled over the possibility of another Republican presidential humiliation (Richard Nixon, anyone?) with a "let's catch him in the act" mentality, or maybe the only people that bothered to vote were rich Republicans who would benefit from the lopsided economics he proposed because the rest of us were so disgusted‘«™no matter what excuse we can come up with, the dude still got re-elected for four more!

I STILL have trouble wrapping my mind around that one!

Now, the same party wants you to believe that one of their own, who has supported their party's beliefs, and who has become a very rich man by doing so during his many years in public office, has somehow now become a "maverick", supporting minorities and the underclass? Give me a break!!!

And, thinking that voters are stupid enough to confuse Hilary Clinton's (i.e. feminist) popularity and attach it to an arrogant, catty, snooty, playboy bunny wannabe who made a small Alaskan suburb with a whopping population of 6,700 and a methamphetamine problem her personal fiefdom makes for more comic material than the George W. Bush - U.S. Veteran issue, know what I mean?

Whatever made her think she's qualified to lead the most powerful and lethal armed forces and secret service agencies on the planet should 72 year old Johnny McCain stroke out on us?
(hint: Just having a great pair of legs and your own personal M-16 rifle ISN'T enough!!)

I shudder at the thought. Can you just imagine the headlines:

"Former brother-in-law of Vice President found dead in CIA accident of misdirected missile strike."

"President Pallin orders military air strikes on Community Organizers on the Texas, New Mexico, California, and Arizona borders to stop the flow of illegal aliens from Mexico and South America."

"Bin Laden spotted at garden party in Alaska as war rages on."

(Why they haven't found this guy and ended this war still troubles me, as Dick Cheney and his Republican homies continue to make oodles of bucks so long as the war goes on‘«™)

Now, of course the Democrats have their share of liars, deceivers, caught-in-the-act decadents, corrupt politicians, and the like‘«™.but the present state of our sagging economy, the many financial hardships Americans are currently suffering, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the billions in profits that Republican owned and led corporations have reaped while the cost of living has deteriorated for most working class Americans have all occurred during eight years of Republican presidential watch!!

Hello!! Are any of you rich people getting any of this? Do you know how many millions of angry poor people there are? And now, you want us to elect two more multi-millionaires from your gang into office?

GOD...I hope not !...or as I've stated before, SOMEBODY PLEASE!

Many of the richest early civilizations like the Aztecs, the Romans, the European and Hawaiian monarchies, etc., all crumbled under the weight of the corrupt excesses and squandering of resources controlled by the rich after maybe a thousand or more years, leading to takeover by foreigners ‘«™.and America is only 232 years old.

Hello! Any future Marie Antionettes listening?

(now SHE was an abject lesson in payback! ...cake, anyone?)

Think the good ole U.S. of A will make it to the 1,000 year mark?

Well, as a U.S. Veteran of two branches of U.S military service, a minority, non-rich, working class, educated Brown guy-street veterano who struggled to get through college while working full time & supporting a family, and who still gets an occasional racist arrow in the back now & then‘«™

‘«™I hope so, for the sake of future generations of my family and my people. I won't be there, but I'd like to at least enjoy what time I have left on earth in relative comfort & freedom.

Well, that's my take. Still ain't publicly endorsing anyone here, but I hope that you too, will research the issues as they pertain to YOU, as you make a wartime Presidential vote.

Vote with conviction, vote con ganas, vote with a spirit‘«™but PLEASE vote!!

(This is not the time to sit this one out!)

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone & the Hitman of West Coast Chicano soul heard exclusively on www.eastLArevue.comt and
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