Yancey Arias

How I found LatinoLA.com

By Maria Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: September 12, 2008

Yancey Arias

I was trying to remember back to how I discovered LatinoLA.com

And I remembered-it was when the show Kingpin was on NBC.

I don't watch much television but Kingpin was one TV series that caught my interest and attention, I was hooked the first time I watched it.

The show had everything; a good cast, good acting, drama, action, adventure, sex, drugs, murder, y brujeria.

It was as good as the Sopranos except instead of Italians it was a Mexican narcotrafico family.

I was so surprised and so disappointed when NBC cancelled the show.

Oh, you know, NBC heard from me, I wanted to give the executive that made the decision some coscorones for canceling my favorite show.

Then I wanted to know who that fine looking actor was that played Miguel Cadena.

So I googled Kingpin and Yancey Arias came up on LatinoLA. And I found out who played Miguel Cadena.

Yancey was flawless in that role. He was basically the reason to watch the show and it was a well-written show.

Like I said it was one of the very few TV shows I watched, it was Kingpin, 24, House and the Super Nanny. That's all the TV I watched. I haven't watched any TV shows since Kingpin was canceled.

I found Yancey Arias official website. I e-mailed him and very much to my surprise Yancey emailed me back. Can you believe that? Not only did he reply once again but my son Angelo and I got to meet him at a baseball game.

What a nice guy. I don't get to meet too many famous actors so I was pleasantly surprised at how approachable, personable and gracious Yancey is in person and when he flashed that smile...mmm. I went up to him and told him that I had sent him a few emails. He asked my name,

He recognized my name from the emails, took off his baseball cap and sunglasses and gave me a high five. We talked for a bit, I took some photographs of Yancey and his team ''The Hollywood Yankees',' we also got to meet his beautiful wife Anna Alvim and their puppy. Yancey autographed my Kingpin video and we were on our way home.

I hope to see Yancey in more feature films; he is handsomely good looking, amazingly talented and genuinely good people.

Who knows, maybe Kingpin will come back to television. If 90210 can come back, there is hope for a really good show like Kingpin to make a comeback. One can only hope.

To learn more about this fine, talented Latino actor visit www.yanceyarias.com

Future projects for Yancey Arias include;

Sept. 13, 2008 -
Caff?® Primo to benefit ?¿Lives to Save Foundation''
8590 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca, 90069

Sept. 24, 2008
Night Rider 8/7c.

Los Angeles International Latino Film Festival this weekend "HOTEL CALIFORNIA"

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