A Key Element of Chilean Nueva Canci??n

SPARC's Planet Siqueiros Pe??a to present reunion concert by Desborde, Sept. 27

Published on LatinoLA: September 12, 2008

A Key Element of Chilean Nueva Canci??n

In these times more than ever, the arts can express humanity's strongest desires for peace. On Saturday, September 27th, from 7:30 pm ÔÇô 10 pm at the Old Venice Jail (685 Venice Blvd - SPARC's historic headquarters since 1977), "Planet Siqueiros Pe??a" presents its sixth installment. The evening will feature a reunion concert by Desborde, (Overflowing) whose performances during the 1990s in Los Angeles were memorable for their strong vocal harmonies and the spirited blending of traditional and contemporary Latin American music styles.

Mercedes M?írquez, Mari Riddle, and Ericka Verba, will be accompanied by Ruben Izquierdo on guitar and Joe Kohanski on bass. A key element of Desborde's sound is the legacy of Chilean Nueva Canci??n pioneer, Violeta Parra. Nueva Canci??n is both a musical and social movement that emerged from Latin America in the late 1960s and created a "New Song" combining various folk music styles with lyrics that speak to social, political and economic justice issues.

On September 11, 1973 the United States promoted a military coup in Chile, led by Augusto Pinochet against Salvador Allende, the first democratically elected Socialist leader of a Latin American nation. President Allende was murdered in the bombing of the National Palace, and in the stadium improvised jail, composer Victor Jara was tortured and killed for singing against the savage military junta. This horrific episode in Latin American history still haunts the United States. Twenty eight years later, another tragic September 11 occurred. While three thousand people were lost in the Twin Towers, the U.S.'s aggressive response shocked and awed a defenseless Afghani population, killed over a million Iraquis, displaced over four million Iraqui families and has resulted in the aggressive recruitment of our youth into professional killers as members of the largest military in the world.

This month, Planet Siqueiros Pe??a honors the disappeared, tortured, displaced and killed as a result of U.S. foreign policy and celebrates the culture and art of resistance.

The name of SPARC's latest community cultural endeavor, the "Planet Siqueiros Pe??a," is inspired by the revolutionary Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros and the South American musical Pe??as that produced a wave of music that took old rhythms to express new realities. Historically, the Pe??a movement emerged during the 1960's in Chile and in Argentina in times when oppressive military governments did not allow artists to assemble. They were safe spaces that began in private homes where poets and musicians would discretely come together to share food and wine along with their songs of despair and hope. During the following decades, forced into exile, many musicians moved north bringing the Pe??a spirit with them.

$10 TICKETS ON SALE ÔÇô RESERVE THEM NOW tickets@sparcmurals.org
or call 310/822-9560 x15 for questions or to RSVP.

685 Venice Blvd. Venice, CA 90291 310/822-9560

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