Ozomatli As One Sound

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By george "spider" de los santos
Published on LatinoLA: September 19, 2008

Ozomatli As One Sound

My name is George De Los Santos. I am a husband a father and an artist. My introduction to Ozomatli came before I knew of the band and I'll tell you what I mean. Working with the current bass player of Ozo, Willdog, I became a huge fan of the fun that came with his style of playing. After time passed we all moved around but followed each others paths from a distance. Shortly I heard from a friend that worked with us also that Will had joined this band called Ozomatli.

Well, I was sure that the band would have good music since I trusted that Will's manner of playing and the person he was would not be totally moved from its current style since it worked so well. After hearing the music I was surprised that he had found a group of players that had the passion as I knew he did. Shortly after it seemed that this band was "meant to be" as a group, a sound and as a voice.

The diversity of the band works together so well as sound and as a visual sense that it feels like picture in motion. Many colors working together in harmony and at the same time contrasting that it makes a beautiful picture with sound where everything allows the other to stand out. With all the sounds working together to make each other amplify and be heard. In unity, as a Tribe.

About george "spider" de los santos:
Raised in many places from compton to huntington park to long beach and now in east los angeles. a custom leather worker (owner: spiderflesh.com) i have been influenced by many different experiences and people that have joined me in them.
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