The Last Revolution

A gripping novel about the last days of Fidel Castro as fiction

By Micheal Kazuhiro Nishitani
Published on LatinoLA: September 21, 2008

The Last Revolution

Can Cuba ever really be free? Haunted by memories of the Hiroshima bombing and the 1958 Cuban revolution, Dr. Hiroaki Nakagawa revisits Cuba in 1995 in Micheal Kazuhiro Nishitani's novel "The Last Revolution".

Not only does he fall in love with the culture, but he gives his heart to a woman, Dania, who urges him to live in the moment instead of the past, or exclusively in the world of mathematics.

But when Hiro develops a computer that can duplicate any human memory system, he is recruited by Cuba's highest-ranking general.

But the brilliant computer scientist soon realizes that the reality of life in Cuba and Fidel's vision are not the same. It's now up to Hiro to help Cubans find a new kind of freedom that they can live with forever.

The novel is a portrait of Cuba, stunningly authentic, gorgeously written and told with warmth, wit and a keen intelligence. How did the enigmatic leader of Cuba -- known by so many around the world by his first name alone -- really meet his end? They knew there had to be more to this.

However, Hiro and the two generals had made a pact never to reveal the true events that had led to the last revolution. It was their secret, and the world would be left to wonder what had really happened?

About Micheal Kazuhiro Nishitani:
A native of Japan, I've lived in the US but have traveled extensively in Central and South America and the Caribbean. During my travels, I immersed myself in the cultures of these countries and developed a passion for Cuba.
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