Another Take on 10 Top Reasons To Celebrate Hispanic Heritage

?íQue Viva La Raza Humana! This month and every month. Ethnic humor Si! Ethnic cutdowns No!. This is a Latino/Raza hemisphere

By Rosalio Mu??oz
Published on LatinoLA: September 23, 2008

Another Take on 10 Top Reasons To Celebrate Hispanic Heritage

Al Carlos and Friends:

Some of my antecedentes were Sephardic Jews. These darker skinned people settled in Northern Mexico to get as far away from the Inquistion as possible. My abuelo told us they traded with the apaches, ginetes con caballos for mujeres y ovejas. Some of the family has really curly hair so moros may have been involved tambien, y otros tribus.

The mayor can wear a beanie and yarmulka, grow an Afro, whatever as long as he gets elected and supports labor, immigrants, and diversity.

My dad like Fords as well as Chevy's, remember the Pico Rivera plant!

I like Raza heritage month or year.

Ever since I climbed on top of the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan nobody could tell me Columbus discovered this hemisphere.

But I also don't think we popped out of Popocateptl, or rather Ixtacihuatl, as best as I know most of my antecedentes came over the Bering Straits and spead out all over the hemisphere thousands of years ago. Those South of Patagonia Arizona probably passed through Aztlan.

We are indigenous to this planet, the universe, all creation for the idealists. We need to be globally and scientifically conscious. The Aztecs and Incas were ignorant of the technology and geography of the gauchupines.

?íHay que ponerse trucha! Think globally and act locally y vice versa.

About being Spanish or French, when I went to UCLA in 1964 people asked me if I was from India!

There was something like 40 Raza of 24,000 students.

Thanks for the humor, it helps soothe the hurt of our oppression.

- Rosalio

Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month
In case you didn't know

By Al Carlos Hernandez - Contributing Editor | Published on LatinoLA: September 22, 2008

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10. Your daughter or son will probably marry one of us.

9. It is the closest we will ever get to Latino Heritage Month.

8. You don't have to tell office co-workers you are Spanish and French, although you look indigenous.

7. You can miss work with a semi valid socio-cultural excuse that could count as a mental illness day.

6. Coincidentally, it is when the new Chevys come out as well.

5. Only time of the year former Cholo lawyers can say "Simon Ese, Judge".

4. The Mayor can wear his beanie instead of yarmulke for votes.

3. Jessica Alba went to the ALMA Awards to practice her High School Spanish.

2. Drunk Tio Tacos bore you to tears with stories about their Abuelitas making homemade tortillas.

1. If it wasn't for your Hispanic heritage, you couldn't "tirar chancla".

About Rosalio Mu??oz:
Rosalio Mu??oz has been growing up in Maravilla, Lincoln Heights and Highland Park y por ay for over 60 years.
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