Meeting of the Minds

Percussion phenom Eric Bobo, son of Latin jazz legend Willie Bobo and member of Cypress Hill, to release debut album

Published on LatinoLA: September 25, 2008

Meeting of the Minds

Nacional Records is proud to announce that percussion phenom Eric Bobo (of Cypress Hill) will release his debut album 'Meeting of the Minds' on November 18th. 'Meeting of the Minds' brings together many of Bobo's friends and creative collaborators from across his life. The album follows Bobo's wide range of influences - as a Puerto Rican whose childhood was spent surrounded by jazz revolutionaries to his days immersing himself in the underground hip hop scenes and touring the world stages with the Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill.

Throughout his career, Bobo has been known for recording and performing with a large variety of leading artists including The Black Crowes, 311, Gnarls Barkley, Rage Against The Machine, Smashing Pumpkins, Soulfly, Ella Fitzgerald, Fort Minor (feat. Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park) and Psycho Realm. "I'm very chameleon-like," Bobo explains. "I feel comfortable playing in a lot of different settings. I can do a hip-hop album but also play with The Black Crowes on something very rootsy. Or I can play with Soulfly, a heavy metal group. To do all these things, it has really opened me up musically."

Bobo made his first public appearance at the age of 5, performing on stage with his father, Latin jazz legend Willie Bobo. When Eric was 15, his father passed away and he took over Willie's Latin jazz band for a full year while still in high school. But as the jazz scene evolved through the 80s and hip-hop became a dominant force in music, Bobo found his calling. With a recommendation from a friend, Bobo got an audition with the Beastie Boys and before he knew it, he was on their national "Check Your Head" tour.

Bobo ended up recording with the Beastie Boys for both their acclaimed 'Ill Communication' and 'Hello Nasty' albums. He is name-checked on several Beastie songs, including the instrumental "Bobo on the Corner." While on tour with the Beasties, Bobo met Cypress Hill and joined the group as their percussionist for their world tours, splitting time between both groups. As the Beasties began taking major touring breaks, Bobo became an official full time Cypress Hill member at the historic festival Woodstock 1994 and has toured and recorded with the group ever since.

Cypress Hill, the first Latin hip-hop group to become a platinum artist, is notorious for their live show. "It's crazy to be in such a iconic group," Bobo says. "When I joined Cypress, there was no one in a hip hop setting with a DJ and percussionist. It's usually just a DJ. But I'm adding a true dynamic element to the live show. Since the beginning, they've really given me free reign to experiment and incorporate my style into the overall Cypress Hill sound."

In August 2005, Bobo entered the studio in Tucson, Arizona to record his debut album, 'Meeting of the Minds'. The album is an eclectic collection of songs that represent what Eric Bobo is all about. "I am really excited to be able to make an album that has songs with artists from Ill Bill, one of most dope MCs in underground hip hop, to Toy Selectah, whose group Control Machete were influenced by Cypress. That was the concept of 'Meeting of the Minds', to put all these different worlds together. Making some of the most oddball combinations and seeing what comes out."

1. M.O.T.M. ft. Tony Touch, Thurstin Howl III, Hurricane G. & Willie Bobo
2. Fiesta ft. Cultura Londres & Kemo The Blaxican
3. Apocalypse Now ft. B Real, Sick Jacken & Ill Bill
4. The Good, Bad & Ugly ft. The Hoodcats
5. Wake Up ft. Northern Alliance
6. Muevelo ft. Outthere, Minus P, and Unkwon
7. Mucho Calor ft. Sonidero Nacional
8. 4 Short Of 80 ft. Minus P
9. Ink On The Concrete ft. Enmicasa & Zed
10. Crawling ft. Death By Hollywood
11. Aqui Estoy ft. Andie
12. Bobo Meets Rhettmatic ft. DJ Rhettmatic (of the World Famous Beatjunkies)
13. Chicken Wing ft. The Demigodz
14. En Mi Barrio ft. Mellow Man Ace

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