love is death heart n' soul

la llaves de mi alma........the dedication to the man i am in love with.....

By Mia Soto
Published on LatinoLA: September 25, 2008

love is death heart n' soul

Today my heart is in agony
today I feel like I can't breath - eat - sleep
I don't want to live! the phone rings and i pray to God
that's it's you. But, it isn't and i don't answer.
20 voice mails and none from you. I long to hear your voice and your laugh
The choices I make in my life are mine to make
but the choice of someone ripping your heart out
is the most horrible feeling that I can endure at this time.
Asking myself why? Why after all these years come looking for me?
Why - keep me around if in your heart you know exactly what you will
do in the end. Why?
I am miserable, lonely, sad and so unhappy
I really thought that this time it was different
that we would try to move forward in spite of the obstacles
I was ready to take over the world for you and with you
Instead you kicked me to the curb as if I was nothing
I feel like nothing and don't wanna breath anymore.
How sad that someone could consume you as you did
To think that I was finally going to get the chance to be happy
with my one true love... Instead you stop calling and all I have
are unanswered questions.
I can't breath nor do I wanna continue in pain......
Why? why did you use me
All I wanna do is be with you and only you. For I really thought in my heart
that we were meant to be.
Now two years wasted only for you to tell me that you will be going back to where you
came from.....
My life will never be the same....
I will continue to be a weeping soul on this earth and perhaps
One day you will ask me for forgiveness.....
Perhaps in another life time.....

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